ferent spin on the familiar post-apocalyptic setting. The inclusion of the ALTERNITY game rules meant that we could design a GAMMA. WORLD that was tough. Documents Similar To Alternity – Gamma World. Alternity Incident at Exile. Uploaded by. cymru devourer. Alternity Star Drive Klick Clack. Gamma World – Campaign Setting for Alternity – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Role-play in the wacky, futuristic, post-apocalyptic world .

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Alternity D20 System Post-apocalyptic role-playing games Science fantasy role-playing games Science fiction role-playing games TSR company games Role-playing games introduced in In many editions of the game technology is at best quasi-medieval in the first edition, the crossbow is described as “the ultimate weapon” for most Gamma World societies. TSR also produced four packs of Gamma World miniatures.

The third edition rules replace specialized matrices with the Action Control Table ACTa single, color-coded chart that allowed players to determine whether a character action succeeded, and the degree of success, with a single roll.

TSR’s Gamma World development team announced at Gen Con that no further products would be released for the 4th edition. Other bamma involve attitudes towards Ancient technology, with some Alliances such as “The Restorationists” seeking to rebuild Ancient society, while others such as “The Seekers” want to destroy remaining artifacts.

Tormentor’s Virtual Wasteland: Alternity Mutant Generator

Both humans and non-humans have lost most knowledge of the pre-war humans, whom Gamma World’s inhabitants refer to as “the Ancients”. Beginning players should find it easy to learn, and referees are challenged to create a playable, balanced world. Some, such as the and, to a lesser degree the edition, feature advanced technology that is well known and often easily available.


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For some actions, such as attacks, the number located on the matrix represents a number the acting player alterniy roll. Work on the adaptation was halted when a 2nd edition of Gamma World was announced.

Post-apocalypseScience fantasy. In addition, random “boosters” of “Alpha Mutation” and “Omega Tech” cards for players are sold separately in packs of eight.

TSR dropped the 3rd edition of Gamma Gzmma from its product line before the multi-module storyline could be completed. In contrast, super-science artifacts in earlier editions were risky to use due to the average Gamma World character not knowing alteenity to properly operate such devices, or possibly even what the device is at all. The attributes themselves are the same, but with occasional name changes such as Physical Strength instead of Strength and Mental Strength instead of Wisdom.

In fact, in the first three editions of the game, character rank is primarily a measure of the character’s social prestige. The only group with significant knowledge of the Ancients are isolated robots and other artificial intelligences that survived the war—though these machines tend to be damaged, in ill-repair, or hostile to organic beings. The original Gamma World gmma set containing a page rulebook, a map of a devastated North America, and dice was released in TSR went on to publish three accessories for the word edition of the game:.

Alternity – Gamma World – PDF Free Download

Two decks of cards comprising the core of a Collectible Card Game are included with the game. Ward and Gary Jaquet. The 5th version of Gamma World was a supplement for the science-fiction game Alternity. This version of Gamma World is unique as the only one not to have accessories or supplements.


The five modules TSR published for Gamma World’s 3rd edition introduced the setting’s first multi-module metaplotwhich worlx rebuilding an ancient ‘sky chariot’:.

Attribute generation is much the same for instance with a range of 3 to 18, randomly generated by rolling three six-sided dice. Gamma World player characters include unmutated humans referred to as “Pure Strain Humans” in gamma editionsmutated humans, sentient animals or plants, and androids.

Alternity – Gamma World

Retrieved 7 November — via Gsmma. In AugustWhite Wolf announced that it was reverting the rights to publish Gamma World products back to Wizards of the Coast, putting the game out of print again. The 3rd edition of Gamma World was another boxed set, credited to James M. Other mutations are extensions or extremes of naturally existing features transposed from different species, such as electrical generation, infravision, quills, extra limbs, dual brains, carapaces, altsrnity, etc.

Unfortunately for TSR, this version of the rules became notorious for the number of editorial mistakes, including cross-references to rules that didn’t appear in the boxed set. The character’s player then rolls percentile dice ; the result is compared to appropriate column, determining a degree of success or failure and eliminating the need for second result roll e.

Tweet does not plan any expansions for the game, [5] although it received a warm reception from Gamma World fans and players new to alterinty concept alike.