The Art of Victory has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. ‘Aussie Rick’ said: Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Suvorov, Prince of Italy, Count of Rimnikskiy, Count of the Ho. The pages 3 to 19 are a discussion of Suvorov and his importance as a Pages 23 to 40 is an annotated version of his famous book – Science of Victory. Alexander Suvorov spent more than 50 years of his life on the battlefield. Suvorov penned The Science of Victory, a manual on how to do it.

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Retrieved from ” https: Fiercely antirevolutionary, he responded with enthusiasm when he was recalled in February to command vitcory Russo-Austrian army against the French in northern Italy.

For other uses, see Suvorov disambiguation.

Daniel Ahn marked it as to-read Oct 06, The future adventures of Dr. Italian and Swiss expedition — There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Alexander Nevsky Order of St. If any one cares to translate this, perhaps using a machine translator would be possible, we would like vlctory publish it here as well. The Russo-Turkish War of — saw his first successful campaigns against the Turks in —, and particularly in the Battle of Kozlucahe laid the foundations of his reputation, becoming a lieutenant-general in Catherine heaped medals and honors on Suvorov.

Hubert Order of St. Thank You for Your Contribution! Tatiana marked it as to-read Apr 19, Suvorov’s full name and titles according to Russian pronunciationranks and awards are the following: He had his men go through maneuvers that most mimicked actual fighting, tthe they would react instinctively in war. Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland, Forming a paternal relationship with his soldiers, he appreciated their courage and endurance and in return Suvorov enjoyed the loyalty, respect and affection of his troops.


Marching in formation was fine, but served little purpose in battle. Russian Heraldry and Nobility,p.

Alexander Suvorov

He was famed for his military manual The Science of Victory and noted for several of his sayings. Daryl Cruz marked it as to-read Dec 08, Out of the captured wuvorov and defending townspeople, more than 6, have been released”.

Vladimir First Class, Order of St. As a prince, Paul became fanatically interested in the flashy but dysfunctional uniforms, parades, drills, and common corporal punishments of the Prussian Army. Suvorov returned to St. His writings are as different from the common run of classical prose as his tactics were from those of Frederick or Marlborough. It seemed the perfect spot for a monument to the great Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov. tbe

His father, Vasiliy Suvorov, was a general-in-chief and a senator in the Governing Senateand was credited with translating Vauban ‘s works into Russian. AlexanderCatherine the Great: He coined a few famous sayings venerably recited by Russians to this day, literally and figuratively: Mikhail Ivanovich Dragomirov — declared that he based his teaching on Suvorov’s practice, which he held as representative of the fundamental truths of war and of the military qualities of the Russian nation. He never got the opportunity.

Alexander NevskyOrder of St.

Page 10 of text – Suvorov was the first in Europe to stress attack with cold weapons that is bayonet. Suvorov considered HannibalAlexander the GreatJulius Caesarand Napoleon Bonaparte to be the greatest military commanders of all time.

His marriage to Varvara Prozorovskaya, contracted 10 years before, broke down inSuvorov refusing to recognize her child, Arkady, as his son, though he remained devoted to his daughter, Natalya. She was not the only one. Suvorov was always located in the most exposed position on the battlefield, for he wanted to share the same risks and discomforts as his soldiers.


He had all the contempt of a man of ability and action for ignorant favorites and ornamental carpet-knights.

Alexander Suvorov – Wikiquote

Suvorov also took great care of his army’s supplies and living conditions, reducing cases of illness among his soldiers dramatically.

Discipline meant turning your men into confident soldiers.

Subsequently appointed commander in chief of the southern army, Suvorov set about molding it according to principles he set out in his celebrated military treatiseNauka pobezhdat Science of Victory —remarkable for its clipped, colloquial style, its novel emphasis on speed and mobility, and the use of the bayonet and accuracy of fire.

Petersburg on 18 May Golubtsov tracing Suvorov’s ancestors from the 17th-century Tver gentry [12]. He was officially promised a military triumph in Russia but Emperor Paul cancelled the ceremony and recalled the Russian armies from Europe. When slow, deliberate plodding of troops was considered absolutely necessary, he instead struck like a thhe.

John Amil marked it as to-read Mar 29, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Henry Holt and Company, Page suvorog of text – Nauka Pobezhdat was republished 10 times during the subsequent 10 years. Page 6 of text – victoty discussion of Suvorov tactics – with a manditory quotation from Engles thrown in. Posted by Lina Zeldovich at 7: Surrounded by the enemy, short of ammunition and suvoov, and with the first snows of winter falling, Suvorov set out to extract his army from an apparently hopeless position.

At the age of seventeen Alexander Suvorov went into the Russian army as a private.