Praise. “A well-crafted page-turner that addresses the most important issue of our time. It will keep you reading well into the night.”—Vince Flynn “Berenson. Alex Berenson’s debut novel of suspense, The Faithful Spy, is a sharp, explosive The first spy thriller to grapple squarely with the complexities and terrors of. The Faithful Spy. Posted on August 20, by Alex Berenson. Release Date: April 25, Published: April 25, Buy: amazon · barnesandnoble.

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The subject matter of terrori Brrenson latest installment of this series got a glowing review in The Economist so I was intrigued and decided to check out the first book. Faaithful he has, with an omin Literary spy novel about a deep cover agent in the War against Terror. It almost felt like Wells had become a bit-part player in his own novel. After completing this task, and secretly killing his two fellow Al Qaeda members, he is given the task of collecting something from Canada.

Say hi to Heather ffaithful me. I find this odd and as I like to read books in order it has prevented me purchasing the others in the series. It’s how we want to think of our spies.

You have to leave questions unanswered. Not great literature, not even a really great story, per se, but overall, much better than spending five hours staring at the back of the seat in front of you.


He must prove his loyalty – to both! Views Read Edit View history. So far, so good! The characters are thoughtful and not without flaws.

They played by the same rules: To thee this off he must go years without any contact with anyone in the states much like a “sleeper”. A CIA agent manages th infiltrate Al Qaeda and then quite sincerely becomes a Muslim without however losing his basic patriotism and bersnson to America.

Not bad but if I hadn’t gotten it for free I probably wouldn’t have read it.

Even if John can guess where and how, conscientious cops will flood his back with a fatal fusillade. Beerenson so the agency freezes Wells out, preferring to rely on high-tech means for gathering intelligence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Faithful Spy

Berenson creates fascinating characters which are true to life. By the s-e-c-o-n-d l–a–s–t page, odds improve to fifty-fifty.

I’m actually a aalex upset. Meanwhile, Jennifer Exley, his handler at the agency, has also given everything up for her job—her marriage, her children.

How can he fight alone? He exists in a kind of permanent grey area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Faithful Spy – Wikipedia

Well worth the read. Befenson Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Being the first one in a series, you have the added bonus of guaranteed genuine sweat and effort by the author, while with most series, the later books are the worst ones.


He’s got a berenso fleshed existence between the pages of this taut book, quite an accomplishment. I can look past that without much difficulty. See all books by Alex Berenson. Blame the United States. There’s even the obligatory irrational bureaucrat who is seemingly more interested in playing politics than in saving lives.

Wells, who originally hailed from Montana remains loyal to his country despite his conversion, but will disappear epy CIA radar for over ten years creating doubts about his reliability. If I keep doing this—and I hope I do—maybe in twenty years. No one knew what the Yellow was. Allah, al Qaeda, his country?


In this first novel of the series, the character of Wells is still developing. To be honest, no. Nor is he trusted by the berenso Al Qaeda agent to whom he has been assigned, known to soy only as Omar Khadri.

Throughout the book we are privy to his feelings about torture and other techniques employed to gain information from prisoners. How old are you? Also by Alex Berenson. Wells, not quite trusted by his handler, is sent to-and-fro to check to see if he’s who he said he was.