If you’d like to earn money consistently trading Crude Oil without stress, this is the most important book you’ll ever read. Hi, I’m Aldo Lagrutta,. And today, I’m going to share the exact reason why it’s so difficult for you to make money trading Oil even if you have been trading other. Aldo Lagrutta, CFTe®, CEWA, MSTATechnical Analyst, Certified Financial Technician® Certified Elliott Wave Analyst, is arguably the greatest Concert Guitarist.

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She graduated from New York University with a degree in Jazz and Philosophy, specializing in consciousness. So here it is….

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta

And they can benefit both the seasoned trader who is looking for a way to improve their performance, and the novice trader who just wants to learn how to trade the most exciting market in the trading industry. The answer is simple, once price touches or pierces the Keltner band pagrutta can expect a bounce. So if you are a professional trader, you can use the suggestions I give in the book to improve upon your own set ups. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of circumstances and financial resources.

Do the smart thing… the right thing.

The safest most revolutionary trading system in the industry

In the last five years I have been the COO of Stanton Analytics — a company that has helped thousands of professional traders produce consistent and reliable results, particularly in the Oil Market. And yes, I know that is not nearly enough to solve the technical challenges of the potential losses that trading oil may involve.


The lessons are very clear, easy to follow and understand.

Lastly, in the final case, there is no arrow, and the bars and footprint are still green. From The Desk Of Prof.

You won’t regret it. His knowledge of the markets, in particular every aspect of the international oil market, is unparalleled. At long last, you feel alive, vibrant, in control and full of energy. Please understand my results are not typical. Testimonials What our members have to say?

Aldo Lagrutta

He was personally trained as a technical analyst by and works in close cooperation with Henry Marchell — Managing Director of Stanton Analytics — a firm advising many of the major oil corporations and financial institutions. However, we also have our finger on the pulse of the lagrutt markets.

Yes, lagrutt may argue that our stop was never touched and the position turned out to be a winner, and in theory, that is correct. Yes, you heard correctly! And I sincerely believe everything I teach in the book can help you too.

Page 9 Why NOT listening to the news and the fundamentals works better for a trader. Copyright Stanton Analytics.

Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk. However, be sure to test it thoroughly before you attempt to trade live. If you want to be an oil trader, you want to trade with the same information that big corporations trade with. I know what you have seen is rather shocking but that is how easy earning money by trading successfully the Oil market can be when you have the proper tools in hand.


Imagine that you want to impress your family with a Chinese dish from your favorite Chinese Restaurant; you have several ways to go about it. Your trading sessions are an exciting experience that you look forward every day. Hell I was one of them!

This typically indicates possible buy signals but notice how price continues its decline for more than 2 dollars. Motivated by a strong conviction that nothing is impossible, he worked side by side with Aldo and the eVo team, to make eVo a reality today.

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month. Look at this 4 hour chart.