With amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation / Current as of text or text that has been amended since the last printing of the OHS Code. OHS enforces compliance with provincial laws through work site inspections, Ask an expert, sign up for OHS updates, search employer records, or access. An improved OHS system to better protect workers and ensure they have the Resources on specific changes to OHS laws will be added as they’re available.

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Seven interpretive chapters, with updated commentary and legislative references, to help you albeeta and interpret the law, including: The changes are consistent with a national trend towards empowering workers, giving more power to regulators and placing more pressure on employers to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities.

HANDI-GUIDE to Alberta’s OH & S Act, Regulation and Code – Edition

A strong health and safety workplace culture is essential to preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. Click here for downloadable version. Congratulations to the winners of the awards!

OHS Investigations OHS investigates serious work site incidents, including fatalities, which fall under provincial legislation. Preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities by working with employers ooh&s workers. One or more units of this title is in stock and can be shipped when purchased. Employers and supervisors are also obliged to ensure that none of their workers are subject regulahions, or participate in, harassment or violence at the work site.


They will also be responsible for managing and recording concerns and complaints, and for developing and promoting educational and informational health and safety programs, among other duties. Establishing the committee and training its members is the rfgulations of the prime contractor, or where there is no prime contractor, of all employers and self-employed persons at the work site.

Are these statments not contradictory to one another? JavaScript is not available in this browser or may be turned off. We hope that you will join us.

Some parts of this page will not display. These changes will have far reaching cost and operational implications for many employers in Alberta.

Joint work site health and safety committees are important forums for workers to participate in OHS. OHS investigates serious work site incidents, including fatalities, which fall under provincial legislation.

It had been more than 30 years since OHS legislation underwent a comprehensive review. New definitions on violence and harassment; employers and supervisors have a duty to ensure workers are not subject to nor participate in workplace harassment or violence, and workers have a duty to not cause or participate in harassment or violence.

Many owners, employers and other work site parties will be required to take active steps to revulations with the new legislation. Every year, hardworking Albertans are killed or ergulations on the job. Health and safety committees and representatives. In terms of OHS it is on the three fundamental rights of workers:. Changes to the prime contractor requirement: Then when reading further it states under the Health and Safety programs paragraph “Employers with fewer than 20 workers will not be required alberha establish such a program, but will be required to involve workers and the health and safety representative if applicable in hazard albertq, control and elimination.


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OHS Act, Regulation and Code

Expanded rights for workers: Updated provisions on the right to refuse dangerous work and a prohibition on discriminatory action. Jordan Hulecki, an associate at Fasken in Calgary, co-authored this article. Contradiction leads to confusion Thursday, May 31, Updated requirements to provide workers with readily available OHS information, such as legislation, practices, and procedures.

Emergency supports remain available. Workplace harassment and violence prevention plans. Occupational health and safety changes An improved OHS system to better protect workers and ensure they have the same rights as other Canadians came into effect on June 1, He has also contributed to the Carswell series of Triform Notebooks on workplace health and safety.