ALAN KAY & the Dynabook. Alan Kay is an American Computer Scientist. He is known for his pioneer work on “object-oriented programming” and in “graphical. Born in , computer scientist Alan Curtis Kay is one of a handful of Every modern portable computer reflects elements of the Dynabook. by Alan Kay. VPRI Paper In practice for the Dynabook, this required inventing better in , the year of the Dynabook idea, by Licklider and Bob Taylor (a.

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Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, write, and draw, etc. The size should be no larger than a notebook; weight dynaboo, that 4 lbs.

It means kzy group can come up with a good decision and make it stick just because it is a good idea. AI is a difficult problem, but solvable in important ways.

Since the late s, Kay has been working on the Squeak programming system, an open source Smalltalk-based environment which could be seen as a logical continuation of the Dynabook concept.

An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay

Internet Archive admin – Sep 19, There, he worked with Ivan Sutherland, who had done pioneering graphics programs including Sketchpad. Latest in Alan kay. Is a Metamedium, can encompass all the media. Si sigues navegando consideramos que aceptas su uso. Do our modern personal computing devices augment education?

He is currently the director of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 1.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. To call Alan Kay brilliant is an understatement.

Alan Kay: Dynabook

Doris Mitch and Hugh Dubberly did the heavy lifting. The first working prototype of Dynabook was built almost 20 years after creating the concept see the nearby image. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia. He is a computer dynabkok, writer, podcaster and speaker. The production team was really good. Retrieved from ” https: How they deal with these issues is somewhat different.


Inhe began graduate school at the University of Utah College of Engineering, earning a Master’s degree and a Ph.

We invented the overlapping window, icons, etc. If we include commercialization, this took a little more than 20 years from to when the Mac appeared.

But the only way to find out is to set up a national effort and hang in there with top people. The device envisioned kat Kay back in featured a display capable of displaying text and graphics, along with the ability to play several hours of audio files.

All that said, one would imagine that Kay alab be particularly thrilled with Apple’s iPad, a device that eerily embodies many of his predictions almost 40 years later. Xerox, Apple, Disney, HP.

Google aims to fix laggy interface on Chrome OS tablets. For example, we generally want to view and edit more than one kind of scene at the same time — kwy could be as simple as combining pictures and text in the same glimpse, or to deal with more than one kind of task, or to compare different perspectives of the same model.

While designing FLEX machine I had believed that end user needed to be able to program before computer could become truly theirs—but here was a real demonstration, and with children! If not, what critical features do you see missing from these? Also the kind of business a company is in often affects its style though marketing and finance people are rather similar no matter what a company is doing.

Or will these types of computers always use this type of interface for the foreseeable future? Are they really helping teachers teach in the classroom? There are also apps like MinecraftWoodcraft and Eden which allow sharing of created objects and worlds.


Children using the proposed Dynabook (based on Alan Kay drawing) – CHM Revolution

A personal medium — flexibility and portability. And so on and so forth. A Story of Community Resilience admin – Jan 1, Aneddocts about history, politics, finance, education, computer science, activism and freedom enabling tecnologies. History of human—computer interaction Tablet computers User interfaces Xerox computers. Science requires a society because even people who are trying to be good thinkers love their own thoughts and theories — much of the debugging has to be done by others.

Can be used for text editing, storage and manipulation of data, drawing, reading, animating, compositing, calculating, et al. All the other companies — including the rest of Xerox — had much less effective ideas about research and how it should be done and who should do it. For all media, the original intent was “symmetric authoring and consuming. There, he developed LOGO. Hence, the title for the first real tablet goes to the Apple iPadwhich was launched some eight years later.

From Chaos Communication Camp They will be immediately removed. John has recounted this in his book and website. He wanted to make A Personal Computer For Children Of All Ages —a thin portable computer, highly dynamic device that weighed no more than two pounds The ideas led to the development of the Xerox Alto prototype, which was originally called the interim Dynabook.

Part of the motivation for the Alann GUI came from our desire to have a universal display screen which could display anything — this led to the bitmap screen.