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But what does this all mean? To be fair – and the reason that I didn’t DNF it or give it a 1 or a straight up 2 – the world building is fantastic and really cool, and I still like 2. I hate the implication that if he has changed, she has some sort of obligation to forgive him. Most modern tests – the bar examination, the FE exam, an AP Calculus exam – involve a student working in isolation with nothing but a calculator, a pencil, and his brain.

He is a touch more well-developed; he has a unique back story and understandable, powerful motivations for his actions. None of the characters seem to take a single second to consider that whether present-Gu is a better person or not, past-Gu hurt her terribly, and it is fully within her rights to never speak to him again.

Rainbows End

All reasonably intelligent, hate-filled people such as yourself can certainly identify with this aspect of the book, most especially the pessimistic title. Both A Deepness in the Sky and A Fire Upon the Deep involved richly imagined alien cultures and a huge, sweeping background for the action those two novels share a common setting.

Vernor Vinge–exactly what Dickens would fimal called a sci-fi author had he the occasion, say by way of a hot tub time machine–is a technology realist, math-n-science guy who also loves words, and he finds himself dismayed and concerned about future of state security, sociological devolution, decay in language.


Those annoying Amazon ads that you might well be looking at right now, showing you the last product you looked at on their website? I found the story to be mostly a bunch of old, fading men trying to be unpleasant and manipulative to each other in conversation.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As if a book written and researched by a single author is superior to a crowd-sourced document composed by a hundred scholars.

Alice having a mental breakdown and collapsing while her husband rescues their joint operation, and Miri passing out and leaving Robert to try to defend her from flowing lava. Vinge is, as ever, too clever for his own good. The political and personal machinations of the characters generally seemed artificial, unbelievable, arxoiris unpleasant.

venor But how did you utilize that power in the most effective and humane manner? But the consensus reality of the digital world is available only if, like his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Miri, you know how to vknge your wireless accessthrough nodes designed into smart clothesand to see the vernnor contextthrough smart contact lenses Robert Gu’s struggle to find meaning in a future he never expected to see and his gradually change of attitude towards other people, a kind of “second chance” story, where he can remedy some of his earlier mistakes.

I didn’t like that. I wanted to like Rainbows End. In a world nervous after decades of fighting terrorists and leery of increasingly easily available weapons of mass destruction, an investigation is quickly and quietly launched.

We’re told rather than shown most of the insights into these women. The plot is mostly driven by mind-bogglingly bad decisions, most of which are never recognized as possibly sub-optimal by the characters as master spy with a super secret project that I’m trying to hide from my compatriots who trust me implicitly, is putting together an investigation of the lab where the project is being developed, outsourcing all of the work to an unknown quantity and creating a ridiculously convoluted plot involving literally thousands of players really the best way to allay suspicion?


What you notice after a promising start if only he stuck with Gunberk, Keiko and Alfie is desultory and sluggish plot progression and generally pretty terrible dialogue.

I just wish its characters had been more captivating and its story much more meaningful. The idea was we’d have some dense, horrible destruction right at the beginning to spare us all from a much longer war.

Cthulhu Writes: June

I started to despair around vineghowever, when the complexity of the plot and the technological shenanigans seemed to be increasing geometrically. I didn’t get along with that either.

A good novel should have good writing, it can be held together by concept alone. At the end of the day Vinge still contributes some of his best talent–which is his ability to imbue characters in fantastic settings with genuine humanity–and that made the book readable. In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook So there’s this huge bias against networked intelligence because society has changed so fast.

But if you’re simply out for a good yarn – and there’s no shame in that – Rainbow’s End doesn’t quite cut it.

Al Final del Arco Iris

Elsewhere, a high-level intelligence officer is plotting arcoiriss implement a mind control technology on the populace. But I find him annoying. This is the third Vernor Vinge book I’ve read, and it had some things in common with the first two: There are also global conspiracies, library riots and Fahrenheit -style book cleansings, and far too much needless HTML-based artifice—the silent messa I tried.