“Dear Experts, I want to make etherchannel with 4 nic port in aix lpars. ent8 and ent9 from expansion box ent12 and ent13 from server pci adapter Now how to. On AIX with “smitty etherchannel”, in the same menu, depending how the fields are filled out, 2 distinctly separate functioning devices can be created. This can. For example, ent0 and ent1 can be aggregated into an EtherChannel adapter called ent3. And interface en3 would then be configured with an.

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Adapter additions, removals, or changes in an EtherChannel or Link Aggregation

I have an issue where I created EtherChannel with – ent0 ent1 using mkvdev -lnagg ent0 ent Needs to be a reliable address, but perhaps not the default gateway.

The steps etherchanjel enable the use of IEEE I don’t have an scenario to try so it’s difficult for my to know the best option between them.

How do I calculate total number of active and non active hosts? I was wondering if there is a command that tells me straight out, which interface in the etherchannel is actually active and which is acting as a backup adapter at any given time. You can configure multiple EtherChannels per system. Network Interface Backup provides detection and failover with no disruption to user connections. So what I want to do is remove the one adapter port from the EtherChannel ent0 or ent1 then add it back to EtherChannel etherchanne a backup adapter.


Ilyas Guvenilir October 31, at 5: Find all posts by dukessd. The result may be poor performance as the switch moves the MAC address between switch ports. The adapters making up the Primary Channel connect to the same switch and adapters making up Secondary Channel connect to another.

You must manually configure this switch to treat the ports that belong to the EtherChannel as an aggregated link. How to find the active network inteface on etherchannel. My co worker Luis scripted this setup-lb ip ent1, ent2 primary.

You know network guys never plug the cables to the right correct vlan.

If your Ethernet switch device has this function, you can exploit the support provided in AIX. All times are GMT I think you are right in your description I visit it many times. Anonymous February 6, at 3: All Linux Etherchznnel Pages. Could you help me writing a script showing which network connections are currently active?

Originally Posted by homeyjoe. I was wondering erherchannel there was a difference between the two modes “Standard” and “ad” when it comes to the load balancing algorithm used? Anonymous December 5, at 7: Change the Enable Jumbo Frames value to yes and press Enter.

You should consult the documentation for your switch to determine what initial steps, if any, must be performed to enable LACP in the switch.

IBM-AIX: How to create EtherChannel in aix?

Outgoing traffic is spread evenly across all the adapter ports in the EtherChannel. Given that we configure both the p7 hardware side and our network switch side correctly, we would expect to see greatly increased bandwidth to accommodate the inbound data from etherchannsl TSM clients. Only failing over from the main channel to the backup is counted. The main benefit of a Link Aggregation is that it has the network bandwidth of all of its adapters. Fayez Mohammed March 12, at 9: Find all posts by homeyjoe.


AIX for System Administrators

The adapters that belong to an EtherChannel must be connected to the same EtherChannel-enabled switch. Find all posts by zxmaus. You first need to detach this interface if you want to use it.

Incoming traffic is distributed in accordance to the switch configuration and is not controlled by the EtherChannel operation mode. No special hardware is required to use Network Interface Backup, but the backup adapter must be connected to a separate switch for maximum reliability.

This is because the adapters need to be reset so they learn of their new hardware address, and some adapters take a few seconds to be initialized. Etherchannle was confused and didn’t understand clearly the differences between link aggregation and etherchannel until now.