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These religions are an integral part of the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system. As the activity within the consumer producer kaffir state becomes more cornplexified and diverse, there inevitably comes the stage which we are now witnessing in those countries in which the kaffir consumer producer process can be said to have originated: Since this pattern of worship was not the same as that which was embodied by Jesus and his followers, it follows that it did not, and can not and never will, affirm the true nature of existence or lead to direct knowledge of Allah.

The prophet Muhammad did say however, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him, that knowledge is the lost property of the mumin, who may pick it up wherever he or she finds it. It has already been stated that the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system, is formed of interlinking systems.

No one knows exactly when it will be, but Allah says in Qur’an that perhaps it is closer than you think. It is known that there are many worlds. In the same way the Mahdi will be, when he appears, the epitome of Islam, the way of the prophet Muhammad, although it must be said immediately that he will be like a drop compared to the ocean of the prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ

Part of this trust is to trust others and to trust one’s self and one’s experience of life and one’s interpretation of the signs in the self and on the horizon. It may well dajjzl that Dajjal as an unseen force is none other than a horde of kaffir jinn, as opposed to being beings of some other kind.

The descendants of the Khazars, noted for their expertise in business and financial transactions are now spread throughout the earth. The mumin is the muslim who not only believes in Ahjad, but also actually and actively trusts in Allah in the course of his or her everyday affairs. The seeing is a much stronger confirmation of what has been read.

Salah satu buku yang telah mengubah cara pandang saya dalam melihat thomsob. The same sentences were constantly repeated and at the end of the 25 pages I simply told myself ‘NO MORE’ and showed my brain some respect by putting the book down.

Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom: Amongst the signs already apparent are: Hailing from a scholarly background and a member of the bar association the author was way ahead of his time explaining while referencing natural history and prophetic scripture, describing in acute detail from the source of the manacling of The People of Western Society to the continual growth of what he ascribes as the source of power using corruption and defrauding strategy into even the most holistic and moralistic livelihood of every several man, state, and country from an existential and common sense oversight.


The kaffir attempts to make money out of nothing by charging interest, and when the interest rates go too high there comes a time when the kaffir currency is seen to be what it is, absolutely worthless.

It was and is inevitable that people would abandon this pattern of worship, the kaffir because he or she had no desire to worship Allah in the first place, and the true believer because he or she realised that the brand of Christianity which was being advertised had little to do with the original teaching of Jesus, and was not based on the behavioural pattern of him and his community, and would not lead to knowledge of Allah.

The muhsin is the muslim who knows that there is only Allah, and that accordingly reliance on other than Allah is an impossibility.

Allah gives knowledge to whom He pleases, and His outpouring tbe vast. The prophet Muhammad said that no other being feared Allah as much as he. It should be already clear that the kaffir system, and the kaffirs who control and believe in that system, are none other than Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural dajjak and Dajjal as an unseen force.

The most common social grouping today is centered around the work nexus. And when they cast, Moses said: Knowledge comes to the one who purifies the heart by the grace of Allah.

Surely Allah will make it vain. These descriptions all fit the characteristics of today’s media machines, and especially the manner in which they are largely used.

Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Antichrjst out forms the basis of Muslim economics and of increasing wealth, since whatever you give in the name of Allah, Allah gives you back at least ten times as much. The sign that this possession has taken place is that you see large numbers or groups of people xntichrist acting as one body, apparently possessing no individual identity. Rajeswari Talluri rated it did not like it Feb 21, The consumer producer process ensures that people are treated like children, encouraged to work hard and enjoy their play, ,and not to ask awkward questions.

This knowledge begins where the written word ends. This book is drenched with knowledge and i wish everyone could read it. Rather it examines and compares the outward antixhrist behaviour, along with its inward psychological reality, both of those who do not base their way of life on Prophetic guidance and those that do. All these institutions are geared to enable the effective running of the thomzon consumer process, which is today’s predominant kaffir religion, enthralling the many with its myriad rules and controlled by its priesthood of kaffir experts.

Suddenly everyone has a number and wants this thing called money, and the social harmony which existed before the mine or the factory or the well or whatever became a reality, is gone. The prophet Muhammad said to Abu Dharr in the shadow of the Kaaba one day that those who were in most danger of going to the Fire were the very rich unless they spent in every direction. Angels are incapable of wrong action. The mumin is the muslim who openly affirms the true nature of existence, and who accepts and follows the example and teachings of the prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him, the last of the prophets to have been sent by Allah before the end of the world.


In order to make the work an attractive proposition, the people are offered money, but only enough to ensure that once they are dependant on it they will have to keep on working to have it, because they have not earned enough to save up. In viewing life in general in the late twentieth century the book antixhrist not merely a ‘religious’ critique of an aimless society. Dajjal is not simply a catalogue of such prophecies, nor is it concerned with analyzing specific events in the light of these prophecies.

This means that life in a kaffir state is highly institutionalised, standardised and regularised. The only way to survive in this environment is either to act like a robot, or to be one. This necessitates more office space and creates more jobs for the tax collectors, It means people have to work harder to maintain their spending capacity.

Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The mumin qntichrist the muslim who trusts in Allah. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Naturally there are those who, although they have been persuaded to want the goods and the money to buy them, either cannot obtain work or cannot be bothered to obtain work, Instead they turn to crime.

This view is reinforced by the fact that it was the Trinitarian Church who in past centuries waged war on and eliminated all those Unitarian Christians, including the Nazarenes, the Ebionites, the Donatists, the Arians, the Adoptionists, the Paulicians, the Illumnists, the Catharii and many of the Goths, who sought to follow the original teaching of Jesus and the way of life embodied by him.

The main difference between the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims is that the Jews do not know or do the prayer which Moses did, the Christians do not know or do the prayer which Jesus did, and the Muslims do know and do the prayer which Muhammad did. The kaffir is the one who covers up the true nature of existence, that is that there is no god only Allah, and who rejects the messengers who are sent by Allah to show people how to live in harmony with what is within them and with what is without them, and to worship and have knowledge of Allah.

Rina Yulius rated it it was ok Apr 24, Allah also says that mankind has only been given a little knowledge concerning the Hour.