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racy documents correlate as shown in Figure 1. Current Status of New Standards. In late , the new tangential accuracy stan- dard ANSI/AGMA A AGMA A01 (R). Accuracy Classification System – Tangential Measurements for Cylindrical Gears. standard by American Gear. CONTAINS ANSI/AGMA A ACCURACY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM- TANGENTIAL MEASUREMENTS FOR CYLINDRICAL GEARS AND AGMA.

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This assured some harmony with existing international standards and eliminated the difficulties associated with interpolating some non–linear values from AGMA A Columbia Gear Corporation W. For the high accuracy gear grouping, cumulative pitch, single pitch, lead and profile total, slope, and form are required. The location and orientation of the tolerance diameter circle are determined by the datum axis.

Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts. All RC electrical filters produce phase shifting ag,a test data.

ANSI AGMA A01_百度文库

For example, if dimensions for tooth thickness or surface finish tolerances are wgma in order to assure satisfactory performance in special applications, such dimensions and tolerances should appear on drawings or purchase specifications. For information on the use of statistical process control SPCsee annex C. The measurement of gearing mated in an assembly for a specific application is beyond the scope of this document.

Log in to leave a comment. Distinction is made as to the algebraic agmx of this reading. If improved performance is desired, modifications of material, heat treatment, and accuracy level should be considered. The specific tolerances for such gears are to be agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. Involute and helix data filtering. Therefore, little or no final inspection may be necessary for a gear, particularly in some classification levels; assur- With proper application of process control, relatively few measurements may be made on any one gear.


The primary reason for this limitation 2015-1-a1 the inability of inspection machines to measure gears finer than 20DP. Accuracy grades A2 through A11 0. When the 2105-1-a01 direction is inclined at some angle to the normal direction, it is specified by two parameters: Profile inspection includes total deviation, Fa, form deviation, ffa, and slope deviation, fHa. Additionally, the formulas stated the tolerances in both U.

Annex material provides guidance on filtering and information on comparison of gear inspection methods.

A New Standard in Gear Inspection

Design helix the datum surfaces. This annex provides descriptions of filtering practices. Consultant Profile Engineering, Inc. Definitions and allowable values of deviations relevant to flanks of gear teeth. The profile slope deviation is deemed to be positive and the corresponding pressure angle deviation is deemed to be negative when the mean profile line shows an increase in material toward the tooth tip, relative to the design profile.

In such a case, the purchaser must agree on the details of the additional specifications concerning how the matching is to be performed and verified. Distinction is made as to the direction and algebraic sign of this reading.

The other type employs Agmq mathematics. For smaller gears the change in tolerance as diameter decreases is less than ISOwith the resulting value slightly higher for a given diameter.

If index deviations over relatively small numbers of pitches are too large, substantial acceleration forces can be 10 8 6 4 generated. Second, the tolerance calculated will reflect the actual gear parameters.

Additionally, the formulas stated the tolerances in metric terms. Mechanical filtering occurs as the geometry of the probe i. It was approved as an American National Standard on August 1, Electrical filtering circuits are designed to accomplish the elimination of high 2015-1–a01 test data at a specified wavelength called the cutoff.


Cylindrical gears – ISO system of flank tolerance classification Part 1: Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. Two general types of mathematical filter are commonly available. We will also report on current trends in gear inspection machine development and the increased capabilities that are offered.

These tables are calculated from the equations in 7. This specified direction, called the tolerancing direction, may be normal to that surface, inclined at some angle, agmma along the arc of a specified circle. This modification is called low–pass filtering. Applicable definitions are provided. Some design and application considerations may warrant measuring or documentation not normally available in standard manufacturing processes.

In both systems, the classes or grades are separated by a square root of 2 stepping factor. It provides an indication of compatible tooth shape, both up and down the tooth profile, and lengthwise on the tooth. That figure shows the index data for a gear with 35 teeth, thus having a value of k equal to 4. Mean helix line i ii iii Design helix: Tolerance values for gears outside the limits stated in this standard should be established by determining the specific application requirements.

Helix inspection includes total deviation, Fb, form deviation, ffb, and slope deviation, fHb.