This is:Sublima intelligent screening technology – the newest innovation from the engineers of Agfa. Every page of this brochure displays the. It is Agfa’s “XM” – Cross Modulation screening technology for sheetfed offset, web On each Apogee Prepress system, Sublima lpi is standard available for. Based on Agfa Gra phics’ award-winning ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TU out- delivers razor-sharp quality, even up to lpi Sublima screening.

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Sublimalpi. On a related note, it is argued by some vendors that because it is the consistency of imaging of the perimeter of the halftone dot – made up of Europe Available in this region. Some of the vendors simply used vague meaningless terms: Advanced on-press softproofing system.

Apogee Sublima raises print quality significantly, allowing your sales staff to solicit a higher level of clientele.

APOGEEnetwork | Sublima Screening

In flexography, small highlight dots either fail to image on plate, or if they do, they may not have the strength to hold up under pressure on press and simply bend over, creating “scum” dots and harsh tone breaks. Chemicals and products for prepress production phases. Print buyers are among them too, and they expect the same service. Customers choose from a library of predefined print products or personalize a template.

You simply monitor the automatic software and intervene when necessary. For example, in this image: The Apogee Color Quality Manager seamlessly integrates end-to-end color control with your project management.

Agfa Catalogue (circa )

Unmatched Print Quality Apogee Sublima raises print quality significantly, allowing your sales staff to solicit a higher level of clientele. Besides that, Apogee Impose is fully integrated in Apogee Prepress, which saves time and minimizes errors. Proper exposure is indicated when the positive and negative microlines are imaged at the same width.

It combines the benefits of AM Amplitude Modulated screening, which are smooth gradations and highly controllable midtones, with the benefits of FM Frequency Sublma screening: It allows you to print at the same quality level on high-gloss coated stocks, translucent vellums, and newsprint. For example, the Fuji Luxel V-8 is listed as having “Eight multiple resolutions supported from 1, to 3,dpi” while the Heidelberg Suprasetter family is listed having a “resolution 2, or 2, dpi”.


Computer to plate systems for offset printing. Powerful tools for advanced automated systems in small-scale commercial printing — affordable, too. Blanket washing and rejuvenating solutions. Brocuhre can use two systems: SYNAPS OM has a double sided coating for printing in a variety of techniques and allows for using standard offset inks whereas other synthetics require more expensive oxidative inks and cause idle time when switching between inks.

They can also upload the file they want to print and specify its output size or select from a range of predefined sizes. Agfa’s cross-modulated XM screening technology designed to improve print quality with no extra effort on press. Image optimization software OptiColor Arkitex Enhance OptiColor offers you great gains in color quality, while it is completely automatic.

Removal of Imperfections Apogee Sublima sublmia with higher line frequencies, hence eliminating the visual effect of the typical dot structure in printed matter. Overview In the graphic arts business, flexibility is a must. It sharpens details, makes skin tones more realistic and improves general clarity.

For instance, customers can upload or customize their own products, such as business cards and flyers, before sending them to print.

Graphics software Agfa Graphics’ Software Solutions. Separate the print production process to plate, plate imaging, agva, and press condition to determine where the resolution limitation is taking place.

Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of vendors and plates I checked, including the specifications they publish either on their web site or in their brochures. Fully designed publications, such as brochures, catalogs, books or posters, can also be added to stores, either as products that are printed on demand or that are delivered from stock.

It enables you to use screen rulings of up to lpi, without additional effort on press. Change task priorities and avoid reprints by checking the result with the last-minute file preview feature. Since the higher tonal value increase of Coldset is taken into account, separations will be lighter, resulting in less ink suhlima paper, further improving printability skblima better aggfa results.


You can use Asanti StoreFront to build several web-to-print stores. Not by applying a one-size-fits-all technique, but by analyzing each and every image — quickly and easily. For applications such as posters, billboards, POP displays, exhibition panels, stage graphics, construction announcements, ad panels etc.

Apogee Sublima uses a patented technology known as XM Cross Modulation to achieve line-screen rulings of up to the double typically from what you are used today. Digital inks — solid inks brrochure inkjet. Automated processes therefore represent more than a convenience. When approaching a registered iBeacon a notification lets you know there is an AR-experience around. Digital inks — Pigment inks for inkjet. With FM screens which may use only single pixels to make a tone, or draw “worms” as in the rightmost graphic above – the loss of a pixel or two can make a significant tone shift or contribute to a grainy appearance in brocnure screen tint areas.

Sublima screening

Applications include indoor and outdoor POS signage, stickers and labels in a variety of demanding environments. In an automated workflow, its mobile publishing SaaS solution transforms newspapers and magazines into customized, interactive multi-device mobile editions.

Arkitex Cloud offers not only the complete market-leading Arkitex print production solutions, but also the Eversify digital mobile device production system. The exposing beam of energy is guided by a grid brocbure much like the grochure of a city map. Apogee Sublima works with higher line frequencies, hence eliminating the visual effect of the typical dot structure in printed matter.