AGARICUS MUSCARIUS. By D~. C. E. WtIn~LEI~. This drug study is one of the last worl~ (so far as we know) of the late Dr. Wheeler. ‘I!nIs is a fungus that is. The Guide to Homeopathy. Intro · Product Finder · Children’s Formulas · Shop All · Special Offer. Bulky Product. Agaricus Muscarius 30c. Hover to zoom. The OTC potency range of AGARICUS MUSC is 2x–30x, 1c–30c, c, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM. Availability is subject to change. All WHP single remedies are.

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Tingling in the anus. Charcoal, coffee, wine, brandy, camphor, fat or oil relieves stomachCalc. Throws up small flocculi or solid lumps of phlegm almost without any cough. Dizziness, as from intoxication, principally in the open air, in the morning, musfarius on reflecting.

Thus, in delirium of fevers, alcoholism, etc.

Spasmodic sneezing after coughing; sensitiveness; watery non-inflammatory discharge. Beating in the vertex, with almost furious despair.


Frequent sneezing without coryza. Itching and tearing, oppressive pains of genitals and back.

Lumbago; worse in open air. Twitching of the eyelids and eyeballs. Complaints following parturition and coitus. Itching in the eyes. Delirium constant, knows no one, muscariuz things at the nurse. Morose, self-willed, stubborn, slow in learning to walk and talk. Great sensibility to cool air. Prostration, weariness, and paralytic feeling in left arm.

A jerking sensation in the forehead and in the temple. Shivering through the body from above downwards. Painful palpitations of the heart. Tearing in the face and jaw bones.

Pain, as if a nail were driven into the head, worse when sitting quietly, better by slowly moving about. In all these respects the drug accurately corresponds with the disease. Stitches along eustachian tube to ear.

Neuralgic splinter-like pains in tongue with salivation.

Burning pain in the arms, followed by an eruption of small pimples with scaling of the epidermis. Increased acuteness of smell. Legs heavy and fatigued, especially in the thighs. Hard stools of a dark color after a period of constipation.

Inclination to make verses and to prophesy. On the other hand, all symptoms are worse indoors and at rest, except vertigo, which may be either worse or better in a room.


Agaricus muscarius | National Center for Homeopathy

Swollen veins with cold skin. Thirsty all the time. Piercing pains in different parts of the body, chiefly in the head, with desire for sleep, and faintness when muscagius.

Shooting from right lower teeth up to right side of head.

Agaricus muscarius

Vertigo, with impulse to fall backward. Sings, talks, but does not answer. Painful cramps in the muscles when seated. Make a Muscaruus Join Login. Sweat from even a moderate walk and slight exertion. Semilateral cephalalgia, pulling and pressing with confusion in the head. All symptoms are worse in cold weather, especially headache. Restless from violent itching and burning. Muscular asthenopia, nystagmus, squint.