AFI 44-121 PDF

Supersedes AFI , 1 January Pages: Distribution: F. This Air Force Instruction (AFI) establishes guidance for the Air Force. Information derived from AFPAMV1 and Air Force Instruction Members of the Air Force are held to the highest standards of. Per AFI , substance abuse education is mandated for: ▫ Member arriving at first permanent duty assignment. ▫ Every new assignment.

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On 1 Maythe same day she authenticated the record of proceedings, the military judge issued a 6-page supplemental ruling that incorporated the entirety of her original ruling and added several findings of fact and conclusions xfi law.

Appellee did not make the statement directly to SSgt JE but in his presence. As a general rule, inquiry into a state of mind is a subjective one. There is no rule of statutory construction that allows for a court to append additional language as it sees fit.

ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse > Joint Base San Antonio > News

The record, however, indicates that the commander in this case went beyond the requirements of AFI agi at least one material sense. Rose said ADAPT staff emphasizes having plans in place when out drinking, such as having a designated driver or calling for a ride, and to follow the policy.

Alcohol and drug abuse in the military degrades mission effectiveness and personal quality of life, impacting careers, families and co-workers. In this case, [Appellee] never received an order to provide [a urine sample as part of the drug-testing program].

MSgt CJ then decided to take Appellee to a local hospital for treatment.

ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse

The supervisor told Appellee to report to the orderly room; however neither the supervisor nor TSgt WH were allowed to tell him exactly why he needed to report.

The court reporter provided a copy of the transcript of the proceedings to the military judge on 29 April A consideration in this analysis is whether judicial efficiency is improved. Bessemer City, U. Both parties have been provided sufficient opportunity to respond to this supplemental ruling and the timing of the supplemental ruling was such that it would not unnecessarily delay appellate review. Once an Airman is notified of an order, any future disclosures are no longer protected under AFI Rogers said after-care, including monitoring and weekly support group meetings, is another important part of the program.


Party hosts, too, should act responsibly when serving alcoholic beverages.

Because I conclude that the drafters of this specific definition of voluntariness did not intend the investigation exception to have an implicit notice or awareness requirement, I am not persuaded by the argument that we should read one into the urinalysis exception simply because under a different rule of law such awareness might have been relevant.

We agree that the regulatory law requires written notification by the commander, prohibits telephone notification by the trusted agent, and requires the member to be presented with the written letter. Sean Murphy, a student at the George Mason University School of Law, for his assistance with the bench memorandum on this case. At oral argument, we questioned Government appellate counsel on when 10 Misc.

In addition, ADAPT staff teach that unhealthy drinking means more than four in a single day for men years old and more than three for women.

The sample was sent to the Air Force Drug Testing Laboratory which reported the results as positive for heroin, marijuana, and lorazepam. We disagreed and denied the motion to strike.

It would be a far stretch indeed to ignore that practical reality and interpret into the investigation exception the same notice requirement that the military judge read into the exception at issue here. The Government contends that the military judge does not possess this reconsideration authority, as part of her authentication of a record of proceedings prepared for use in a government appeal under Afu 62, UCMJ, when that authentication occurs after the Government has filed its notice of appeal.

By the express terms of AFIzfi disclosures are not voluntary when the Airman has previously been: When an appeal presents a mixed question of law and fact, as this one does, this Court will find that a military judge abused her discretion if her 4-121 of fact are clearly erroneous or her conclusions of law are incorrect. We conclude that the military judge did not abuse her discretion. We need not address the authority of a military judge to reconsider a decision and 444-121 limitations imposed by dilatory authentication.

There is no prohibition for such a process; afl it makes little sense to prohibit a military trial judge from issuing revised rulings and orders that may correct errors, provide more detailed findings of facts, better reasoned aci of law, or even incorporate new appellate decisions issued after the initial decision.


Rogers said if it is determined the patient requires more than an education program, a treatment team is assembled “so everybody’s on the same page for the best way forward. In determining how to proceed here, we employ ordinary rules of statutory construction to interpret the Rules for Courts-Martial, to include reading them holistically.

Second, while I considered the argument that our interpretation of voluntariness, as a state of mind, should by its nature include only those facts of which the subject was aware, the surrounding context of AFI shows that the drafters did not intend that 16 Misc. Ordered to Give a Urine Sample The military judge found: Did the military judge abuse her discretion when she determined the statements overheard by SSgt JE at the hospital were within the limited protections of AFI ?

Taking personal responsibility affects all those desired outcomes. Steer argued ; Colonel Wfi E. The instruction specifically states that a statement is not voluntary, and therefore the limited protection does not apply when the member has previously been ordered to give a afj sample as part of the drug-testing program in which the results are still pending or have been returned as positive.

A court must therefore interpret the statute as a symmetrical and coherent regulatory scheme, and fit, if possible, all parts into an harmonious whole. The Government position that the computer-generated selection creates a valid military order is not persuasive. However, in the context of AFIvoluntary is a defined term, so we do not apply 44121 general rule.

United States v. Catano –

I see no reason why they should not also be separate and distinct in interpreting AFI In order to answer this question we must interpret both the AFI which creates the limited protection and the AFI which governs the random urinalysis program. In light of this, we will consider her supplemental ruling as setting forth the findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Distinguishing between self-identification before notification of an order and after notification of an order recognizes the value of personal acceptance of responsibility as it relates to both treatment and the appropriateness of administrative or criminal consequences.

In Alexander, this court overturned a conviction for cocaine use based on the improper admission of statements and evidence 11 Misc.