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Air Force Instruction (AFI) Emergency Management (EM) Planning and Operation, dated 24 Jan And AFMC Supplement 1. Start studying AFI AF EM Program Planning and Operations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Emergency Management; and Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Emergency. Management Program Planning and Operations.

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Chief of Naval Operations Subj: Actions may not be executable if a natural disaster occurs with little or no warning. No-cost agreements with city, county, State, and Federal government activities, and with non-profit organizations should be executed with MOAs and MOUs. See Attachment 1 for a more complete definition The ECC includes a central dispatch capability or 10-5201 interim equivalent for the installation.

In the United States, its territories, or its possessions, DOD policy requires the senior ranking military authority on scene, usually the Incident Commander, to confirm the presence of nuclear weapons or radioactive nuclear components in the interest of public safety or to reduce or prevent widespread public alarm.

Also, they must consider the potential for secondary attack, such as chemical dispersal devices, secondary explosive devices or booby traps Recovery. G Emergency Management Operations.

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The interim virtuallyconsolidated configurations are considered to be in compliance with this guidance until the central dispatch capability can be achieved. This chapter discusses the organization of the Air Force EM program at all levels of command.

The minimum size for a PAR team is two people so one person can watch for hazards, provide security and call for assistance if needed. Commanders should appoint their most qualified managers, leaders, or technicians to provide an effective evaluation of EM objectives Ensure support and recovery teams are adequately staffed, trained and equipped to provide hour coverage when activated Ensure dissemination of EM training material throughout the unit to support the Installation EM Information Program Identify requirements, budget for, obtain, store and maintain unit passive defense operational and training equipment, including IPE, PPE, detection equipment, contamination control materials and shelter supplies for designated installation shelters.


For shelter-in-place operations, installations must identify procedures for each facility to turn off their heating, ventilation 1-2501 air-conditioning systems. Protective Mask 3,6 2. EM program planning addresses a wide range of threats for the Air Force. Worldwide Threat to Airbases for further threat-related information The nature of conventional and 10-5201 CBRNE weapons and their delivery systems makes positive identification of the type of attack difficult until after the attack has occurred.

Installations must evaluate the current operations, intelligence reports, and risk assessments to determine the current local threat. AFIMS avi of incident management include prevention, preparation, response, recovery, and.

Crew members will initially be given a comprehensive briefing regard – Unit 1 are encouraged to use any reasonable means to shorten an extended crew duty day, such as using preflight crews, minimizing show times, etc. These courses provide training on and resources for personnel who require advanced application of the Incident Command System. The reader must use this interim change IC in conjunction with the publication and these changes take precedence.

Vaccination of personnel or the use of mass prophylaxis may prevent the spread of naturally occurring disease to installation personnel. En masse training for over 30 students is not authorized All UDMs, UTMs, and Unit Schedulers must ensure their personnel are given ample time to complete the web-based portions of the course.

Update the report at least quarterly, or when a new primary or alternate unit EM representative 10-5201 identified Current and previous year SAV reports and self-inspection reports Copies of correspondence concerning EM SAV report and self-inspection report observations and corrective actions.

Complete training within 60 days after appointment or arrival. The chairperson appoints members and establishes working subgroups. Allowance Standard Title 1. All installation agencies may be involved in installation recovery following natural disasters.

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Representatives from civilian agencies may be invited to discuss functional issues. Examples of preparedness for major accidents include ai and testing the installation notification and warning system, developing and exercising installation recall procedures and certifying equipment.

Under the authority vested in the Secretary More information. It will be issued by Medical Logistics. C-bag items may be pre-positioned. Department of the Air Force. After a student completes the knowledge-based objectives, CE Readiness Flight instructors will train and evaluate individual demonstration-performance objectives Some courses listed in this chapter do not contain individual demonstrationperformance objectives; however they contain localized procedures that must be presented to the individual by the CE Readiness Flight or other functional areas as identified in agi chapter Unit commanders must ensure personnel complete individual demonstrationperformance objectives no later than 60 days after completing individual knowledgebased objectives 102501 for the demonstration-performance portion of education and training is approximate, based on covering Air Force standard demonstration-performance objectives, local procedures, and requirements.


Agreements that require the DOD to reimburse a non-profit organization, city, county, or State government other than National Guard units must be executed with a contract. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, as the incident commander for 16 days following Hurricane Katrina. PW Job Title More aif. The SMT is comprised of sfi elements, unit personnel assigned and trained to perform management duties and sheltered personnel identified by the shelter supervisor to augment trained personnel Agi Control Teams CCT.

This act appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy aif a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping” Terrorist use of CBRNE materials is separated from CBRNE warfare because of the legal requirements for handling the terrorist incident as a crime scene and preserving evidence.

Natural disaster preparedness includes any actions taken in anticipation of a natural disaster such as implementing the CEMPAnnex B and appropriate Appendices. Reissues and renumbers DoD Directive. Some emergency response elements may remain on scene for safety purposes.

The ICS provides the communications, intelligence sharing and information sharing for incident management. Department of Homeland Security Cooperating Agencies: