Key concepts. Vehicles Air Friction Engineering Aerodynamics Introduction Have you ever ridden on a hovercraft? It is like gliding on a cushion. Our goal is to make our hovercraft design more aerodynamic by reducing the cross-sectional area of the reference face and eliminating any flat surfaces. I can’t speak to what sources you were reading, but the air under a hovercraft is higher than ambient air pressure, not lower. Wikipedia.

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How does a Hovercraft use Aerodynamics to hover? by Parmveer Gahunia on Prezi

The pressure difference at the wing upper surface and the lower surface produces the lift force which may meet aerodynamicz necessary requirements. The Clark Y wing was attached to hovercraft to produce the lift which was already produced by fan. As an example, if we were to use fans for thrust, we would have to consider in our design, the area of the fan, and how fast we can make the propellers turn [ 9 ].

Caption for picture characters left.

Suspended Science: How Does a Hovercraft Hover?

Computational fluid dynamics CFD is a numerical methods based computer program in which all the governing equations hovwrcraft approximated to find efficient results by averaging them. Which allowed it to hover for the shortest duration? He was an example of how far an amateur scientist can go in his own garage, without academic or industrial ties pulling him along. There are several options for the plywood base. Rachel and Sara found that different types of skirts, one tight and one baggy, affected how the hovercraft worked.

It’s normal to hold a conversation with others in the craft while cruising at 50 mph. Aerodynajics you have specific questions about your science fair project or science fair, our team of volunteer scientists can help.


When the thrust is produced, we must insure that the force is applied collinearly to the center of mass of the hovercraft aerodnamics prevent any unwanted yaw, thus allowing the hovercraft to go straight. Fly effortlessly on a cushion of air from land to water, over aerodynamicz and thin ice; go where other vehicles cannot.

Since a hovercraft can travel on top of flat land or water, it is an amphibious vehicle. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 products. A computerized matching algorithm suggests the above articles. Instead of resting on an immobile surface, his engine sits on a rotational fan, a structure aerodynwmics can be flipped to propel the air stream horizontally or vertically.

19XR Sport

Modern ACVs often have propellers on top that create aerodyhamics air currents. When using the small balloon did the hovercraft usually hover for the shortest amount of time?

Observations and results When using the large-size balloon did hovercraff hovercraft usually hover for the longest amount of time? Start your stopwatch or timer, open the pop-top lid and push the hovercraft.

The top of the hovercraft, with the blower. Bertelsen thought that he—and his invention—had made it big. In selecting a propulsion system, we must consider these equations. Add braking and steering systems. This air cushion lifts the hovercraft up, creating a small gap between the craft hovercrafr the ground, for air to escape. In the cover story, PopSci senior editor Martin Mann describes Bertelsen as a “lanky, sandy-haired physician-inventor-engineer” who “used his own money, the craftsmanship of hoverrcraft friends of neighbors, and whatever time was left over from delivering babies” to develop the Aeromobile 35B.

Bertelsen has never constructed a full-size VTOL model, let alone an actual airplane. He dreamt it up while trying to rush to his patients’ homes—in colder seasons, a wintry mix always postponed house calls.

Selecting a streamlined design with a thinner tail end will reduce the wake produced by our hovercraft.


Bertelsen mends the Aeromobile 35B’s fussy engine before maneuvering it on water for the first time, which he did for the PS story. Add a means of providing forward thrust using a second leaf blower, for example.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Aerodnyamics Use. In this activity, you will get to build your own mini hovercraft using a CD or DVD, a pop-top lid from a plastic bottle, some glue, and a balloon.

Did the craft hover for about the same amount of time each of the three times you tested it using a small balloon?

Difficulty Time Required Average days Prerequisites You will need to work with some power tools, such as an electric saw and an electric drill. With an eye to fuel efficiency, Bertelsen began developing a vertical take-off and landing airplane VTOLa vehicle with an elliptical-shaped hlvercraft wing that attempts to solve a deficiency in modern airplanes: The air passes through the structure causes friction along the surface aerodynamice the wing which causes drag force.

Don’t let small children play alone with the hovercraft. The use of wind tunnel is to test models of proposed aircraft. Also, if air is being forced into the space under the craft, why is this air cushion not high-pressure?

In theory, at least. The foam core provides 3, pounds of positive floatation making the craft un-sinkable. If the hovercraft moves too fast, have the adult pull the power plug out of the wall to stop the hovercraft. This flexibility garners lift, propulsion and restraint simultaneously. If you use Super Glue, have an adult help, use caution, and follow all of the instructions and safety warnings on the packaging. Conference Proceeding Open Access.

I just wonder why so many different sources say “low pressure.