View and Download Aeris Epic operating manual online. watch dive computer. Epic Diving Instrument pdf manual download. BUDDY PRESSURE CHECK. Learn all functions of Aeris Epic dive computer and it will completely unveil your potential as a diver!. Aeris Epic Computer/Watch with transmitter, manual and battery replacement tool . 3 months old. Must sell. Buy it now at $ See my ad at.

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We may set following functions and alarms: Saimon, 21 January I recommend Aeris Epic dive computer for advanced divers, as for starter it may be really difficult to get through all manual and procedures! Page When the Conservative Factor feature is set ON, allowable dive times are calculated based upon the next higher 3, foot meter Altitude. Page 7 The programs within the EPIC simulate the absorption of nitrogen into the body by mnaual a mathematical model.

Dive Planner works for the range of depths 9 – 57 meters. CYANO Dive Computer is a wristwatch-style dive computer which uses its attractive appearance to appeal to young divers based on a compact and sleek Air Consumption and Depth are continuously monitored and Air Time Remaining reflects any change in circumstances.

Aeris Epic is good for travel too – I may leave my wristwatch at home and use dive computer as a wristwatch. Aeris Epic dive computer has all customizable parameters divided into the certain groups, and they are very similar to Aeris Elite T3. No-Decompression times are calculated only for FO2 of Gas 1. Freedive mode has similar functions and alarms as in Aeris Elite T3. Add to my manuals Add. Page The outer surface of the Battery Hatch should be flush with the outer surface of the Housing Fig.

ScubaBoard – Error

Upon ascending above FT Mthe Current Depth display will be restored, however Max Depth will only display 3 dashes for the remainder of that dive. From my experience, I can say that display layout is easy to read at any angle and light conditions, and alarms are loud enough to grab my attention even with the hood. When I started diving with it – it took me quite a while to get familiar to Epic.


I still had sometimes losing it, but it always comes back in less than couple of seconds. Below you may find short description of post-dive modes. Temperature Display Ambient Temperature can be viewed on the surface and during dives by accessing a Secondary Display Fig.

Eddy, 28 July When the Conservative Factor is set ON, The Backlight will the No Deco Limit times are reduced to values not remain On for equivalent to those that would be available at the additional the next higher foot meter Altitude. It doesn’t have separate bar graph for Ascent speed indication. The PIC is configured with contacts that will automatically activate Dive Mode when the space between the contacts is bridged by a conductive material immersed in water and it senses a Depth of 5 FT 1.

I also use it to monitor an air pressure of my students. Moreover – I can use it as a wrist watch onshore. The countdown timer that appears when you try to access Time to Fly does not represent Time to Fly.

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I am a happy owner of Aeris Epic! I had to play with it while learning manuals though for quite a while. The Planning Sequence now displays adjusted No Decompression Limits based on residual nitrogen and accumulated oxygen calculated to be remaining from the previous dives.

Number of Gas Mixes.

You should immediately initiate a controlled Ascent while moni- toring your Tank Pressure. Rinse with fresh water, and allow to dry overnight, or blow dry with a hair dryer set at no heat.

I’m very pleased with this product. Catalogue Home – Catalogue. User documentation is a bit complicated, but once you awris your way around it, it is a great dive computer with all critical data showed on easy to read display, despite of small size of it. Page 35 Displays associated with oxygen and the O2 Bar Graph will be displayed if FO2 for any Gas 1, 2, or 3 has been set at a value other than ‘Air’ e.


When the Conservative Factor feature is set ON, allowable dive times are calculated based upon the next higher 3, foot meter Altitude.

Aeris Epic will warn you with appropriate display, audio and red LED flashing. Freedive Nitrogen Bar Graph NiBG alarm activates when nitrogen remaining from previous dives and current nitrogen loading hits the Caution zone. The EPIC dive computer model is based upon the latest research and experiments in decompression theory. And after few tries and errors I became used to all menus and user interface. History stores summary information of total number of dives, total number of dive hours, lowest temperature and maximum depth reached.

Display is not hard to read even if you are a total newbie. User manual could be really organized better, but everything requires learning, especially if we have high-tech instrument like this one. One of the leaders in GPS technology and innovations Garmin turned to dive computers design and production. Nick, 14 June Enter text from aersi Below is a summary of dive data from main mankal alternative displays: When the oxygen data screen is accessed during a NORM dive, the Bar Graph will show the maximum of either per dive accumu- lated oxygen or 24 hour period accumulated oxygen.