AR DVD Bedienungsanleitung/Garantie Instruction Manual 3”/7,6 cm Autoradio mit DVD/USB/Card Reader 3”/ cm Car Radio with DVD/USB/Card. “Reviews of Aug 21, Excellent Reviews: I gave this merchant an Excellent review because of this experience with them. I ordered, and. Specifications recorder. Tuner, is, digital. CD-player, yes. MP3-player, yes. DVD- player, yes. Blu-ray-player, no. Amplifier, yes. Equalizer, yes. Navigator, no.

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Sie erreichen uns Mo. AM band Frequency range The device has not been eag connected. It may therefore be necessary to modify the electrical connection or use vehicle-specific adapters.

The antenna cable Insert the antenna is not connected. Auto Play 40023 the function is activated the DVD Menu is skipped and the playback of the main movie begins automatically. Das Vor gehen gleicht hierbei der F[ Do not throw batteries into fire! If this is the case, use an antenna adapter for phantom power supply.

AEG AR manual – BKManuals

Deutsch Bedienung Abbildung 2: Playing back video files via USB or Memory card: Press this button again to cancel this function. The AF symbol in the display goes off. Switch the device off and on again. Manuell eine Senderstation einstellen.

Select this option if you use a wide screen TV for replay. Please connect your Smartphone or iPod or rather. The film must only be watched by adults. The settings are automatically applied. To activate standby mode. Control Panel – see Operation.


AEG AR DVD Instruction manual |

Page of 42 Go. For zooming in and out in DVD Mode.

Insert the antenna cable firmly into the antenna socket of the device. It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the AEG AR item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

This requires a age supply which is only provided by the original car radio. Use the numerical buttons to do this Fig.

The menu appears on the screen. The device is designed for the minus pole of the battery, which must be connected to the body of the vehicle. Up to tracks can be compressed and stored on these CDs. Select the required repeat mode by repeatedly pressing the button. Use the Cursor Buttons Fig. In this case it would make sense to compress the dynamic range i. If the function is activated the DVD Menu is skipped and the playback of the main movie begins automatically. Symbols in these Instructions for Use Important information for your safety is specially marked.

The following options are available: Understanding the menu structure The Setup menu has two menu levels: When installing your radio please ensure that there is enough space at the rear of the radio to ensure suf- ficient cooling. When disposing of old batteries you should strictly comply with the legal and environmental regulations applicable in your country. DC 12 V negative earthing Power consumption.


In automatic search mode the radio does not stop at a trans- mitting station. Sollte es zu solchen Problemen bei der Wiedergabe kommen, halten Sie die Datei mit der Pausentaste an.

A system commonly used in Europe.

AEG AR 4023 DVD Instruction Manual: About The Dvd-player

Y ou will now see a table. Changing the default settings A large number of default settings can zr comfortably changed via the screen menu.

Should there be problems with playback, stop the file by using the Pause button. Effective range of the remote control Point the remote control at the remote control sensor on the right next to the display on the front of the device. It is possible that such CDs may not only be destroyed themselves, but may also destroy the drive of the CD player. However, this is necessary for storing the radio stations. The dynamic range is not compressed at all default. The CD does not play qr after being inserted into the device.

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