TSB was definitely numbered — I text’d myself so I wouldn’t forget 2. I know about it for the Honda’s I don’t have the Acura TSB. Update on the TSB I received my car back today after the Dealership had it since 5/28/ I have to commend the dealership here in. I left the Acura one attached here since some have transplanted the TSX tranny. Honda TSB TSB (Same wording as Honda TSB).

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I was out helping my bro shop for cars today, and while at the Acura dealership, I decided to stop by the service dept and see what Acura’s latest stance on their various tranny issues was.

6 spd…3rd gear grinding…TSB..can I demand a fix?

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Page 1 of 2. And I sort of disagree about the tranny issues, aside from the teb gear issueit’s rock solid. This is a physical problem, and flushing out the tranny oil and putting on a new oil does not solve the problem.

As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year. Options Quote message in reply?

TSB for six speed manual

Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Still will peel out for a sec, not just “bark” in second if you pop it hard enough, and I’ve got almost 60k on it. Looking for a warranty? Ask the service writer what their next step will be, considering it will not be their first rodeo Don’t expect that they are going to goodwill your car — although they should You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled.

  KTL TP1066 4G PDF

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

2008 Acura TL Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

I took my car in about 3 weeks ago. Stockton Acura FTL managers. Gallery Take it to the track! Find More Posts by drhonda. You will have a better chance of getting goodwill if the dealer has a record of the problem prior to warranty expiring. Keyless Remote Transmitter Information. Follow me on FaceBook. Power Steering Moans or Whines Too bad they haven’t done anything fo 2nd gear yet.

Now it’s doing it more. I have removed the swap this winter for ease of working on the car. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer. Thanks for sharing Rick.

6speed tranny fix OMG YES! officlal TSB! – Team Integra Forums – Team Integra

July 18, Date Added to File: Originally Posted by J. Thanked 9 Times in 8 Posts.

Find More Posts by nj2pa2nc. Get it in to repair it Find More Posts by idriveacoupe. This may be one of the things I get done along with the K timing belt maintenance. I havea TL and there is always this grinding feeling whenever I shift into the third and even into fourth. They didn’t really say “No, we won’t fix it,” rather, they were more like, “Let’s change out the fluid and acuda how it does.


So what are my options here, any help would be apreaciated. I took my ’03 Type-S in today and they said they are going to look at it and see if they can get the work done as a goodwill repair since my warranty is expired.

I have the third gear tab, and I’m aware of the TSB. Quote message in reply? You do have the opportunity to have the dealership repair that, considering their is a TSB on it.

Here and there Posts: I’m headed to my Acura stealership now.

I wasn’t having the problem so I opted to change over to the newer Acura fluid, which is supposed to be acuga lot better than the original stuff that was in my manual TL.

Originally Posted by meowCat View Post. But Highrev, that looks just like the one I was looking at except for the number — A vs for the one I saw, which I imagine is the same thing but for Acuras. I love my Type-S way better than the