Hi! I’m trying to get a URL parameter in my flash The parameter is a xml url testXML = new XML();. Need help creating a button link using actionscript Geez, it used to be so easy using getURL. I’ve tried using the following code on the. The only way to find out the answer is to read this flash getURL tutorial. 2. Choose a rectangular tool by clicking on or press R on your.

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Flash actionscript actionsccript command to open up an executable file: Type the following actionscript provided below into the white space: Trigger events from Flash assets imported as sprites into Director. Joshc 1, 15 62 Execute a server-side script and receive the results in a browser frame or window. This compensation may impact actonscript and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Availability Actiionscript 2 and Flash 3; enhanced in Flash 4 to include method parameter; Flash 5.

Results 1 to 15 of The interesting part of documents on the WWW is that users can jump from one document to another by clicking onto the hot spots. Let’s consider a more advance flash email application below:.

It turns out that this is due to a Firefox bug well, an out-of-control feature based on how Firefox handles a url which is passed to it actionscriptt a command-line parameter. Now works when outside of instance. But is there not a way to do this with out setting a instance and just dropping code onto the button in actions?

Actionscript get URL parameter (Pass it | Adobe Community

Notice the magical pipe character where you or I would probably put a colon i. Execute JavaScript code in a web browser.


Call to a possibly undefined method getURL. You can set the instance name in the properties panel when the button is selected. Sign up using Facebook. Flash hyperlink to open up another hypertext documents Brief Tutorial Outline: First, flash actionscript getURL as a hyperlink to another hypertext document.

On my system, Firefox opens with two tabs. According to the bug reportwhen you call Firefox on the command line, you can pass it multiple urls separated by pipe characters and it will open each one in a separate tab. Results 1 to 15 of 15 Thread: I have tried placing the new code in the Scene 1 of my actions.

ActionScript: The Definitive Guide by Colin Moock

Farming simulator mods. May be there is some bug with your button symbol, delete it and create a fresh button symbol. Geutrl may open and save the. I’m very new to flash and I’m learning as I go.

With your arrow tool still selected, click on the flash button instance which you have just created. Current code as provided from last forum poster: We posted it to the server, and this didnt affect anything. So to work around the Firefox bug, what we really need to do is construct the absolute url ourselves in ActionScript, and use that url which, again, will get passed to the browser unmodified.

Ahh Can anyone please help me understand where I am going wrong? I typed some simple text and now i want to link it to another page i’m using Actionscript 2. Button stop Hi Guys, I have similar issue as cgrimes under point 2 of his post: Okay, let’s get started with our flash actionscript getURL for an email application.


Your code is more readable and easier to maintain if it is not spread over all instances, but is located on one adtionscript. This parameter must be a literal string, not a variable or other egturl. So, basicly, IM looking to stop the movie and get this button to, once clicked, open a web address.

You need to place the code below on the same timeline as the instance of the button as you tried. Make sure you have turned the scripting mode to Expert Mode.

Flash Actionscript Geturl Command | Flash Tutorials

Once I put the name for the instance same as the button name then published, it worked great Thanks again! Also, I have another layer with a “stop” action taking place at the same time that this button occurrs, however, once I have the script in the keyframe for the button, it seems to override the stop action.

The pipe syntax is legal—Firefox just assumes that a colon will be used instead. grturl

Here, I’ll show you three different usages of flash getURL command:. May be a custom name or zctionscript of the four presets: One may also make use of the getURL to open a.

Problem (and solution) : getURL() in a Flash projector fails in Firefox

This website designed by Templatemonster. Free website development You just pay for hosting. To recap, we have learnt how to use the flash actionscript getURL command in three ways:. By not putting your getURL “http: My scene settings are alway this