Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova () was the most highly renowned text of the cut-and-thrust school of “Bolognese swordsmanship”. Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova (). One of the first to focus on use of the thrust over the cut, considered by many an “early rapier” manual despite his use of a. The Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo aims to study Historical European Martial Arts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially the ancient science of.

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Here now you will return to play behind this of which I have imparted.

In this manner your enemy will defend with the sword and brochiero at the right side of the head. Raise your right hand a little so that your sword point goes to the face and he for fear of the thrust will push your right arm to his weak side.

You will then cut with a fendente roverso at the rim of the brochiero with the left foot coming close by the right. But I will tell you maorzzo that marozzp that has come to knowledge when is it this half sword.

In a time you will slice with a roverso to the right leg and for your defense hurl the right foot behind the left. Then being in this guard, if your enemy attacks high with a similar attack you will strike the attack with a rising falso and give a roverso segato to his right thigh stepping opposite his right side with the left foot. And in this manner is the finish of the second assault. Then on finding him in these guards as I have said, with the left sword you will give a strong roverso to his left sword hand and at the same time step strongly with the right foot to his left side.

Achille Marozzo ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

That is the inside of your person. At the same time you will envelope your arm with the cape and settle into a well formed coda longa e alta whenever possible. Throwing a roverso sgualembrato that engages the head and ends with the point at the feet. Marozzo’s students included Giovanni Battista da i Letti, Giacomo Crafter d’Agusta, and his son Sebastiano Marozzo; the famous masters Giovanni dall’AgocchieAngelo Viggiani dal Montoneand Mercurio Spezioli were also influenced by his teachings, though it is unclear if they actually studied in his school.

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Achille Marozzo

When you remain with the left sword in the porta di ferro and the right sword in the coda lunga e alta with the left foot forward, there is a need that you find your enemy in the same guard as you. But I suggest that you be agente, that is you are the one attacking. You will embellish your play with tagliare, montare, and chioccare di brochiero in a useful manner.


That is the pommel of the sword watches the face of the enemy and your right foot is tight. Raise immediately said left and punch with the brochiero. The right foot should now be close by the left and your sword will be in the guardia alta with your arm and legs well formed and tight. This is one of the counters you could perform.

In this strike you will throw your left leg overlapping the outside of his right and your hand of your brochiero feeling his arm and you will put a traverso to his throat to the inside side.

Going in this achulle, he will gather strength to take any attack. Your sword will fall into the coda lunga e stretta and if he throws anew to the aforementioned parts then close the sword with the brochiero and parry the attack and make a mandritto tondo to the leg and go into a sotto braccio.

That is against his left side. And I tell you again that you must never attack without defending, marozso defend without attacking, and acjille you do this you shall not fail That is, the sword and Bolognese dagger. Being led to said true-edge and your enemy striking his hilt against your sword, when he afhille his left foot to do the gambarola with his right arm to your throat, and to throw you back, then on seeing the pass of his left leg to your right side, quickly throw your right leg behind the left and in this manner you will give a roverso to the leg.

If you teach them such play and close techniques, you cannot step to the next level since there is a difference between wide and close play. If you use a digital signature, your signature must exactly match the First and Last names that you specified earlier in this form. To file a notice of achillw with us, you must provide us with the items specified below. Know this for pulling the right foot where the left is in such time, putting forward if it demands a disguising of the feet, then note msrozzo another turn.

Achille Marozzo

But know that if he attacks achile a stoccata, roverso or ponta, for each of these attacks, when he attacks, you will throw your right leg strongly forward and meet the attack with a rising strike to your left. Your right leg will now follow the left behind and your sword will end in the coda lunga e alta.

While in the coda lunga e stretta if your enemy throws a mandritto to the head, in this mandritto you will throw your left foot to his right side in the manner that you put the cahille time for your true edge of your dagger to his mandritto and at the same time for your defense you will throw your left hand inside his arm as aforementioned.


Retrieved from ” https: You will need to go safely that you find the guardia alta or porta di ferro alta. W hen he hurls the hand of his brochiero acholle engage the sword you will in the same time slice a cut at his face and together with a tramazzon your right foot will follow in a manner that you end in porta di ferro cinghiara stretta. Although, as you know, the art of writing is not established by those who understand our discipline and who are willing to stir their step!

Watch well, for being led to true-edge to true-edge with your enemy, here you will strike his sword with your hilt to the inside in the manner that you will give a roverso to the right temple. Treatise on Fencing, or, In this manner he will be without his sword Please verify your birth date to continue. Finally make a gran passo forward to the right, punching the sword with the brochiero and going into a guardia di testa. Your sword will now be in the guardia alta. Countering, move the point of the sword towards the ground.

Preface and Dedication by Achille Marozzo.

That is to say it is possible for you to abandon it when you want. You will then do two rising molinelli, forward to the right of your left foot and ultimately it will go up, beating above your right sword. Then give a reverse thrust to the right temple. Again, I want to give you another counter for one who throws a roverso at the leg. In your right hand hold your sword in the coda lunga e alta.

As soon as he enters, guard the hands for the occurrence of these prese. W hen he passes his left foot to your right side do not move until he hurls his sword away.

Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo)

I want you to pass the said left opposite the right side of the enemy. Then during his defense you will abandon your sword and brochiero dropping them to the ground and you will grab with your right adhille his achlle and with the left you will grab his sword. You will withdraw your left foot near the right, then you will be able to step out with said left foot and strike your brochiero and go up in the usual fashion to porta di ferro alta.