The Consecration of Mahavira, [], from Gujerati manuscript of the Kalpa Sutra (Public Domain in the US per Bridgeman vs. Corel). Knowing pain and pleasure in all their variety (patteyam), and seeing his life not yet decline, a wise man should know that to be the proper moment (for entering. The Acharanga Sutra (IAST: Ācārāṅga Sūtra; First book c. 5th-4th century BCE; Second book c. 2nd-1st century BCE)[1] is the first of the twelve Angas, part of.

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Indian poetics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Jaina Sutras, Part I

Kasaya passions form the subject matter of Kasayapahuda. I shall not give way to sensuality. It also describes the penance of Mahavirathe Great Hero. But the epithet of God is given to the soul in whom its properties manif Tattvartha Sutra topic Tattvartha Sutra also known as Tattvarth-adhigama-sutra is an ancient Sktra text written by Acharya Umaswati, sometime between the 2nd- and 5th-century AD.

Kshullak Jinendra Varni compiled a book, sura from the original Prakrit Ardhamagadhi etc. Jain vegetarianism — is the diet of the Jains, the followers of Jainism. It follows question and answer pattern.

Part of a series on. In the Jain tradition, it is believed that Mahavira was born in the early part of the 6th century BC into a royal kshatriya family in present-day Bihar, India.

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These are said to be based on the discourse of the tirthankara, delivered in ssutra samavasarana divine preaching hall. Indian biographies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Atomism Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In the work, the struggle for power and control over the entire world of two brothers Bharata and Bahubali, sons of Stura.

Jaina Sutras, Part I (SBE22) Index

Pravachanasara, is a text composed by Jain monk, Kundakunda, in about the mid-second century BC. Philosophical literature Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It also describes the penance of Mahavirathe Great Hero. Parshvanatha is said in Jain texts to h Jain Agamas — File: Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari.

There are total verses written in Prakrit language. Knowledge of Purvas became fairly vulnerable after Mahavira’s nirvana liberation and on account of effects of famine, such that, eventually only one person—Bhadrabahu Svami had a command over it.

The originals are all lost, and the extant versions were written in the 1st millennium CE. Atmasiddhi is highly revered amongst the followers of Shrimad. Adipurana contains about 37 chapters where as Uttarapurana contains about 65 chapters. Correctly understanding the law, one should arrive acarsnga indifference for the impressions of the senses and “not act on the motives of the world. Mulachara discusses the conduct of a Digambara monk.

That which you consider worth killing is like caaranga.

Acharanga Sutra – Wikipedia

The Venerable Ascetic Mahavira endowed with the highest knowledge and intuition taught the five great vows. Sallekhana topic Nishidhi, a 14th-century memorial stone depicting the observance of the vow of Sallekhana with old Kannada inscription.

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Upinder Singhp. Ceasing to use the stick against living beings, abandoning the care of the body, the houseless, the Venerable One endures the thorns of the villages being perfectly enlightened.

Sources of Global History3rd ed. According to the Jain sources, Krishna is the first cousin of Tirthankara Neminatha. Samantbhadra was originally from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Khetaka in used as a name of a region surrounding the place in ancient literature.

The result of actions by you has to be borne by you, so do not destroy anything. A unique feature of the Niyamasara is that Kundakunda characterises both Nichcaya caritra and Vyavahara caritra as tapa, or practice of austerity from their respective nayas.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Member feedback about Vastupala: The Ratna Karanda Sravakachara This is a list of important texts written by Jain ascetics and those which are of important value to Jainism. This ancient manuscript is the holy book of the Svetambara sect.

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