Acadiana is a region of Louisiana, in the south and south west of the state. From West to East, Acadiana can be broken into five distinct and unique regions, where Cajun and Creole peoples adapted unique aspects from Map of Acadiana. English: The traditional 22 parishes in Southern Louisiana, USA, that belong to the Acadiana Region with the “Cajun Heartland USA”. Maps: Louisiana Parishes, Tourist Regions & Acadiana Parishes. Map of LA Parishes. See LIST of Louisiana Parishes with Dates of Creation, Created From and.

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By the end of the war, river transport via paddlewheeler had taken over as the preferred mode of travel. As Brasseaux wrote, “The oldest of the pioneer communities From West to East, Acadiana can be broken into acadins distinct and unique regions, where Cajun and Creole peoples adapted unique aspects from their environment.

Acadiana – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Interstates 10, 55and acacina now play the major role in transportation. Helicopter pilots serve the oilfields in the Gulf of Mexico.

Location of Louisiana within the United States. If there are Cities and Other destinations listed, they may not all be at usable status or there may not be a valid regional structure and a “Get in” section describing all of the typical ways to get here.

File:Acadiana Louisiana region – Wikimedia Commons

Damage has been done to the region by dredging and straightening of waterways, which has damaged the wetlands that used to absorb water and storms, leaving the area more vulnerable. However, KATC television in Lafayette independently coined acadia in the early s, giving it a new, broader meaning, and popularized it throughout south Louisiana. Similarly, not everyone who is culturally Acadian or “Cajun” is descended from the Acadian refugees.


The public, however, prefers the one-word place name Acadiana to refer to the region. Acadiana also is home to other ethnic groups, including Anglo-Americanswho came into the region in increasing numbers beginning notably with the Louisiana Purchase of Many more people have contributed more recently to the vibrant region with its unique culture, dialects, and food.

File:Acadiana Louisiana region map.svg

Small general aviation airports serve communities throughout the area. Most notable was the flooding south of Louisiana Highway mxp and the communities there. A distinct feature of the Cajun celebration centers on the Courir de Mardi Gras translated: Mary Parishand made The Heart of Acadiana the official name of the region.

Views Read Edit View history. They have a small part of their territories in the European part of the Caucasus.

This is also true for some swamp tours and golf outings. Besides advocating for their legal rights, Cajuns also recovered ethnic pride and appreciation for their ancestry. Americanization of a People Jackson: While Lower Louisiana had been settled by French colonists since the late 17th century, the Cajuns trace their roots to the influx of Acadian settlers after the Great Expulsion from their homeland during the French and British hostilities prior to the Seven Years’ War to In Brown, George Williams.

Songs are sung, jokes are told, and skits are acted out. The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana, — Today, numerous business, governmental and nonprofit organizations incorporate Acadiana in their names, e. Retrieved May 3, This change in the social and economic circumstances of families in Southwestern Louisiana created nostalgia for an idealized version of the past.

By affording coverage under the “national origin” clause of Title VII he is afforded no special privilege. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat regioj This is the birthplace of Cajun cuisine, Cajun music, and Zydeco music.


In Phillip Buckner; John G. The Acadiana region is heavily associated with them.

Martin, and Vermilion Parishes. Today, Easter is still celebrated by Cajuns with the traditional game reggion paquebut is now also celebrated in the same fashion as Christians throughout the United States with candy-filled baskets, ” Easter bunny ” stories, dyed eggsand Easter egg hunts. The Atlantic Region to Confederation: Mardi Gras celebrations in rural Acadiana are distinct from the more widely known celebrations in Regio Orleans and other metropolitan areas.

Many enjoy a cold beer with Cajun food or music. Acadiana is the birthplace of Cajun food.

Acadiana Parishes

Cajun food also does not rely on the Tomato to the same degree as Creole food, and in foods common in both cuisines, the Cajun version is often a brown color compared to the Crole’s red version. Retrieved March 14, Seafood, especially shellfish, is still very popular in the region and remains a dominant feature of many classic Cajun dishes like seafood gumbo and court boullion. Retrieved 6 December See, for example, Eaux.

In earlier years, the fiddle was acavina predominant instrument, but gradually the accordion has come to share the limelight. Another is in the rougaroua version of a loup garou French for werewolfthat will hunt down and kill Catholics who do not follow the rules of Lent.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat University Press of Mississippi,p. The Acadians’ migration from Canada was spurred by the Treaty of Paris ma; ended the war.