AC Product Cost Planning AC Release 04/11/ 0 AC Product Cost Planning AC Product Cost Planning SAP AG R/3 System. AC Cost Object Controlling for Make-to- Stock Environments AC R/3 Costing AC 5 days Cost Management & Controlling AC 3 days AC 3 days Product Cost Cost Object Controlling Planning for Products. Performance of Product Cost Planning during the entire product life cycle; Analysis of the required master data and structures and integration within the SAP.

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Provide a high-level overview of the costing variant, costing type, and valuation variant in this unit.

What is the purpose of itemization in cost estimate results? For pumps, an additional 2.

Product Cost Planning

You can use it to apply overhead differently to different groups of base planning objects object-dependent. Create the cost estimate using the base unit of measure PC. Where can you check that the materials were not recosted? After the base planning object is listed as a costed item in the list screen, choose the Explode Base Planning Object function and explode the base planning object to one level.

Position the cursor on the base planning object container and press the right mouse button. You can now see the Execute symbol in the Execute column for the Structure explosion step.


Where is the overhead group specified for a material?

Szkolenia SAP

The costing items are copied to the clipboard. You want to use the worklist feature to access existing costing information for inclusion in your cost estimate for material T-FY. You can now see the Execute symbol in the Execute column for the Selection step.

To do this, you decide cowt test the unit costing tool for Reference and Simulation Costing. Which allocation cost element are the activities displayed under?

Product Cost Planning | | Learn Valley

Plan price for the period In the above example, they are transport or insurance costs. Access the worklist by selecting Worklist on. They can, in turn, be displayed by double-clicking on them. Navigate in the explanation facilities for the base planning object to access the cost estimate for the service package. Call up zc505 cost estimate again by choosing the calculator symbol in the toolbar. Price unit 1 Cost elem.

Szkolenie SAP AC – Product Cost Planning

Before saving the simulation result, address issues and queries that are of interest to management. Review where the cost element is assigned.

Describe the procedure to use the list screen filter to reduce the number of items displayed.


A cockpit and procedure with the following functions: An environment basically supplies only the functions that are applicable in the particular context selected. Within the list screen for the cost estimate for T-FY overtype the material number with R-B2. They are used periodically to cost the pproduct product spectrum. Select the position at which the items should be inserted.

Today’s date Save your settings and go planjing to the Edit Costing Run screen. For more information about specific Product Cost Planning functions, see the notes in participant books and the online help.

Using the explanation facilities, display the cost estimate for the service package.

Create the cost estimate using the base unit of measure PC. The new cost estimate is displayed in the structure. Demonstration of Efficient Handling After entering the header information, continue to the list screen by selecting Enter. Define an overhead costing sheet. To check the BOM that was costed in the cost estimate, you can do the following: True Revaluation can be performed for the entire structure and substructures.