AC3D – beginner tutorial – creating, moving, resizing. by acorvale. Ac3D Aircraft Modeling Tutorials: Cabin Window Frame. by Narendran. I just got AC3D, hoping to expand my ability of 3D modeling. I was wondering if some one could point out a few good tutorials to start learning. Hi guys, I got several questions about the airport design in AC3D. Here is my first video tutorial aerial image background in AC3D Hope you.

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I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

You will have problems when you export and then convert the. Here’s a picture of my mesh which may help explain the above. But, the coordinates aac3d your.

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In the model your reference point was here I circled it in red to make it clearer, it’s the small white crosshairs:. This is because it rotates about the geometric center of the shapes you’re rotating. Then just open up google maps, find that exact same spot on the satellite view where your AC3D crosshairs are, zoom way in, click it, and copy the coordinates.

This certainly isn’t that simple and it creates a really ugly mesh if you have used curves and splines to define your runway like I did, but Aerofly doesn’t seem to mind about the mesh ugliness because it’s only using this to determine where the non-runway terrain ends as far as I can tell.

Video tutorial: aerial image in AC3D

Note that I made a mistake at the very beginning — I still had “select through” enabled, and when I intended to select the surface under my mouse cursor, it tutorual some reason selected a surface off-screen and I didn’t notice. Make sure that you are labelling the airport and runway object groups correctly with double underscore.


I take it there is rotational misalignment, not just tutoriql shift due to centre point differences? The pink lines those are the normals should come ‘up’ from your runway, not point below it. This was the only relatively easy way I found that gave perfect vertex-to-vertex correspondence so that there were no sliver openings when loaded into Aerofly.

That looks good so far.

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Also re-mapped your runway texture so it repeats and keeps the resolution of the texture crisp. As for making mistakes in video tutorials I think they are very useful, as the first timer is going to make the same ones as well as many more! Here’s a screenshot of how it looks right now I only geoconverted a small area around it: Perhaps till acd get my head around all this I would love it if one day we could tee up a time together and can have a qc3d on one lesson on how to do this, I can give tutoial access to my pc so i can follow what you are doing and see how things happen, happy to pay for av3d service.

Because of this, I accidentally flipped the normal on a surface I didn’t intend to flip. Those are the coordinates you then need to place in your. I think one of the other users that was helping you entered their own file path info, so it was giving an error.

If only I didn’t have a job I’d be onto this right now. You start here with making a new. I tried the knife and also using Boolean combinations to do the cutting, but never got a result that I was perfectly happy with.

I’m not sure what you mean by innermost vertices though? As well as the criss-cross runway problem I just made a second runway on a different airfield but found that the 45m mesh I created to match the runway width was a poor fit lengthwise, so either I chop off a chunk beyond the runway or I have some background runway markings emerging beyond my created runway.


If you don’t have it enabled when grabbing all your runway vertices, it might not select all of them if they’re packed close together like mine. I think showing examples of this rather than trying to type it out will make it a lot clearer!

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I checked the reference point on the crosshairs and it is exactly where it should be as per the reference point i chose in fset. I can explain better in a day or two when I have more time, but what I finally got to work was to cut out an area of my ‘outside’ mesh around the runway. You’ll see me hunting around for it at the end and finally finding tutodial and fixing it.

If it’s hard to see the pink lines, go the the settings menu, to the graphics tab, and then change “Size of display normals” to a higher value, e. It doesn’t matter if your decals overlap, just make sure the runway object surfaces do not.

I know the sunken ground problem. In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Can i now add 3d objects to this and export tgi files as explained in the A3CD download on making your own airport? Hi Clayton, That looks good so tutorixl.

Rodeo – Just a teeny request for the bottom of your multi-page “to do” list. What I just described above lets you use anything you want as your reference point, you can even move it somewhere else if you’d like. Thanks qwerty42 – this is great stuff and very much appreciated. tutorizl