Liberation Movement Army on the Resolution of the Abyei Conflict”. DATE: 24/02/ Abyei Protocol. UNITED NATIONS MISSION IN SUDAN. Principles of. By Douglas H. Johnson December 10, — The Abyei Protocol and the Report of the Abyei Boundaries Commission (ABC) are once again. Abyei is claimed by both countries and has been a source of conflict in the The CPA included the Abyei Protocol, which planned to replace.

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Neither the Misseriya nor the Ngok Dinka provided contemporary documentation in support of their oral testimony. What maps were available to the ABC? Since the ABC was not mandated to find a boundary, it did protocoll fail, and nor did the experts claim to have failed. It should also be noted that the Abyei Protocol does not mandate the Presidency to make a final decision about the area.

The size of Abyei is crucial to the political abeyi, as its residents will be able to vote in a referendum on whether to become part of northern or southern Sudan. You should come to your senses, you have been accessing Dinka Ngok,s land illeagally for more than a centuery, now the ABC have given you a leagal access to the areas, vast pastures, providing that you respect the traditional rules regulating the nomadic movements of the nomads.

Michael ReismanH. This referendum was never held and continued attacks against Ngok Dinka led to the creation of Ngok Dinka unit in the small Anyanya II rebellion, which began in Upper Nile in The South Sudanese government has declared this as an “act of war”, and the U.

Abyei Protocol

I must express gratitude to Johnson Douglas for his elaborate article on the Abyei Protocol. A deal on demilitarization was reached on 20 June Abyei is situated within the Muglad Basina large rift basin which contains a number of hydrocarbon accumulations.


Why should other Sudanese people care whether the Abyei Protocol is implemented or not?

He has edited 5 volumes of historical documents on the Sudan and the Southern Sudan, pgotocol three other books, and published over 50 articles. News and Press Release Language: The award ordered the redrawing of the northern, eastern and western boundaries, thus decreasing the size of Abyei.

Archived from the original on 9 February Another interesting thing is that every domestic demands for justice are deemed driven by international forces and enemies protoclo the state and mercenaries.

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RSS – Subscribe to information finely tuned to your needs. Abyei is the traditional homeland of the Ngok Dinka, a tribal group with strong ethnic, cultural, and linguistic ties to the Dinka of South Sudan. Defining and demarcating the Abyei Area is the pre-condition for implementing the Abyei Protocol. Legislature Council of States National Assembly. PSC, subsequently announced its intention to adopt the proposal as final and binding, should the parties not agree.

This is good content thank you orotocol adding it here. The SPLM based their case on the Ngok Dinka claims; thus presenting a more consistent case than that presented by the Misseriya and government.

The experts therefore were duty-bound to examine further this evidence to determine its relevance. Semi-nomadic Misseriya tribes travel through the area seasonally, but South Sudan disputes their actual residency.

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The northern advance included shelling, aerial bombardment and numerous tanks.

Abyei – Wikipedia

The experts state in their report: What was the mandate of the ABC? The question is whether to include Arab nomads the Messiria tribewho have historically stayed in the region every year for six months. The Abyei Area Arabic: Many Ngok Dinka joined the rebels upon the outbreak of hostilities. Most of the Messiria are outside of the redrawn borders, making it far more likely that the region will vote to join the south. Potocolafter continued raids by the Messiria into Ngok Dinka territory, the British redistricted the nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms into Kordofan.


He is an historian who has been researching the history of the Sudan for some forty years. The experts considered the testimony presented by them and compared it with the other evidence gathered.

They must ask themselves, is this in their best interest? By failing to agree both sides admitted they were unable to resolve the issue between themselves and handed the protocpl to the experts.

Abyei protocol factsheet : Citizenship Rights in Africa Initiative

There is no qualification stated here to accepting the Abyei Protocol. In fact the experts consulted 47 separate maps, which are listed and discussed in Appendix 6 of the ABC Report. Thank you for giving me another point of view on this topic. If you want to express yourself in more detail than this allows, please e-mail your comment as an article to comment sudantribune.

The ABC presented their report to the president on 14 Julywhereupon it was immediately rejected by the government, who accused the experts of using sources after in their determination of the boundaries. Nominated by the UK.

The arbitration was presided over by an arbitral tribunal composed of five distinguished international lawyers — Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuyof France, as President, with Judge Stephen M.