So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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He found that the ideological concepts presented in Seneca’s literary work virtually mirrored that which is found in the gospels.

That, is reuchoin true nature of what we are dealing with in the study of ancient history. Video Play List on YouTube. Now the author continues to show his sloppy work again.

I love and appreciate everyone here awake in the matrix. And our reader was told of “The facade of Roman dislike of Christianity”:. The author was simply looking in the wrong place.

Abelard Reuchlin’s “True Authorship of the New Testament” (excerpts)

PDF file of first 10 pages of the Book. It states that a conspiracy of well-educated Romans — the Piso family — wrote the New Testamentand particularly the Gospelsas a social control mechanism. The omen of the rooster at Vienne noted above had been interpreted as meaning that a Gaul would kill him – gallus is both a ‘cock’ and a ‘Gaul’.


But his work lives on, and he is remembered quite fondly by those who knew and loved both him and his work. Top Ten 10 Reasons Aliens Exist. So, our goal, via exposing the truth, is to change an insane world into a sane one. It’s people like this that give Jesus mythicists a bad name.

Judas goes to the priests and obtains 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus Mat. They tried not to lie when they did not have to because they made use of devices such as disclaimers and said truthful things – in deceptive ways! It was the Pisos and their royal cousins including the Flavians who were ruling the Roman Empire after having gotten rid of Nero and others e. And, the work done by him and others will be added to and become known to more and more people as time goes on. Some attack Jews by attacking the State of Israel.

It’s not necessary to say much more about this theory. Therefore, they felt a new “Jewish” book would be the ideal method to pacify the Judaeans and strengthen their in-laws’ control of the country.

It seems to be the sort of thing that one derives from supermarkey tabloids — only far more creative. They were taught to study the subject incorrectly, and they continue to “teach” others to be wrong.

The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin

The leader also distances himself from the sympathetic site’s bit about Julius Piso and Hadrian, and offers a replacement from the Reuchlin route:. Ironically, it appeared that among those who expressed the most appreciation reucblin his work were ex-Catholics. Bauer also wrote several other books on related subjects.


The conspiracy, obviously, is quite vast. They found it in the Jewish holy books, which were the foundation both for the rapid spread of the religion and for the zealot’s refusal to be governed by Rome’s puppets. He looked forward to a time when the world would one day know about the war that was fought on behalf of Humanity by the Jews, in a very long, and yet virtually unknown war.

He had married her to cement an alliance with Pontus.

Roman Piso

Jesus could have jumped from the front porch and “the exact same place” would be there, too. Here’s what Suetonius says:. Josephus’ quarters were in a Galilean village named Cana Vita 86 6. What Is The Book About?

Gaius Abrlard Piso was a 1st century Roman senator, who gave his name to the actual Pisonian conspiracya plot to usurp Nero. This proved to be an embarrassment to those who claimed they existed. One of the Piso family ancestors was named Pilatus.