Contents Page Manavaala Mamunigal’s Services to Srivaishnavism 1 Preface to Arthi Prabandham 4 Thaniyans 6 Paasurams 7 Nigamanam 62 ManavALa. It is our pleasure to announce the launching of the “web” release of Arthi Prabandham with Commentary by the Revered Sri Sri Thirumalai. Aarthi prabandham is making us drown in Ramanuja Bakthi, I also heard. that there is a misconception that it was done by Swami Manavala.

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All such anecdotes and sayings of Maamunigal help Vaishnava devotees worshipping at the Temples to identify themselves totally with the exhilarating experience the Acharya felt. When will I ever be able to do it?

They know the presence of Lord everywhere and hence will abstain from doing any sinful act. Oh Ethiraja, you have been kind enough to take me under your care and afford shelter to me.

Shlokas – Manavala Manunigal

In order to access the grace of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, we need to sever all connections with this world and reach out to Him like Nammazhwar does in the 28 aartthi verse of Thiruvirutham puNNanthuzhAmE poruneerth thiruvarangA. Ever since I was blessed with your sambandham, wisdom has dawned on me and I now keep worrying about my plight day in and day out.

Pillai Lokacharya in Mamukshuppadi describes a special feature of the mother in an excellent way as iraamadam oottuvadhu. Who else do I have but you to protect me?

We are blessed to stay in the town of Sri Rangam, the first of the divya desams. Will the celestials beginning with Visvakshena forgive me?

Their association with the Lord is eternal. But neem as it grows increases its bitterness. As you only know about them, I beseech your grace to free me from this human bondage and enable me to attain Moksha.


Only some are given as illustrations. Please absolve me of my sins and bless me with a place in Srivaikuntam soon. This verse in Arthi Prabandham is only an echo of the sentiment expressed in Yatiraja vimsati.

Oh Ramanuja, like a metal plated with impurities, I my body have has assimilated bad and forbidden habits. If they do they will do it well vide His Srisukthis.

Hence Maamunigal feels proud of emulating Mathurakavi. Maamunigal following the same foot prints elevates Ramanuja like wise in this stanza. You are the embodiment of abundant grace. During Panguni Uththiram festival when Sri Ramanuja recited the three gadhyams, Aarthu gave an assurance that people who are associated with the holy feet of Ramanuja will attain Moksha.

When will your solar rays dispel this darkness of ignorance? Hence kindly sanction me Moksha early.

Arthi Prabandham

It was Srisailesha, our Acharya in order to liberate us, we the eternal sinners taught us the esence of Acharya Bhakthi and diverted aarhhi towards Ramanuja to be his devotees. It is only such people who are fit to be prostrated. Arthi Prabandham is a monumental work by Sri Manavaala Maamunigal wherein his passionate appeal is vividly described.

Yatiraja Vimsati — Slokam 6 Emperumanar Dharisanam. Thus, in this verse, Mamunigal appreciates the compassion of Ramanuja and urges him to expedite the process of granting him liberation.

It looks as though MaNavALa MAmunigaL taking pity on people like ourselves equated himself to our level and appeals passionately on our behalf to lift us from the travails of the worldly miseries and attain Moksha.

Aarthi Prabandham

In a nutshell the theme conveyed is as under: Prabandhm this, I request you not to desert me as an unsuitable candidate for receiving your blessings.


Neem leaves even though sour in taste are converted as a side vegetable dish to be relished with meals in a certain context. However, he is pained when his material body, with all its earthly afflictions, is preventing him from sustaining this devotion to Ramanuja. My head will not bow before them. Such aarghi utter with deep devotion and they inspire us. When will this life end Night darkness dispelled and I enjoy dawn.

Only by your recommendation I must be liberated from my sins and sent to Moksha. By meditating upon our teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai who is an embodiment of spotless knowledge and possesses divine, auspicious qualitieswe become eligible recipients to the grace of Ramanuja.

Is it a result of the conditioning that my atma has received from sinful desires rpabandham across the different bodies it previously assumed for itself? Pillai Lockacharya explains Her role in several aarthi.

Aarthi Prabandham : Dr. Narinder Sharma : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The suggestive implication is, it is the duty of the father to correct the son from going astray and as Ramanuja is prabandhwm father he must act with due responsibility. He authored this prabandham solely for prapannas, who, when caught in the quagmire of samsaric afflictions, find themselves unsuitable for performing gnana yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga or sharanagathi.

We learnt the Rahasya granthas of our preceptors and spent our time delivering discourses on them.