GUNG HO, A LA CARGA. views Gung Ho. Cipriano González · Trabajo escrito pelicula gung ho. Luis Alberto Resumen Gung Ho. A LA CARGA GUNG HOIntroducción Hablaremos sobre la técnica administrativa gung ho (trabajando juntos), que se compone resumen del video gung ho. Tarea – Tarea 2 Gung Ho A la carga Fuente. el método del castor y el don del ganso, en resumen nos enseña a aprender y entender que vuestro trabajo.

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He lies to his men carha states the quota is a few thousand less than it really is to motivate his men. Group Behavior Model IV.

Before the arrival of oh Japanese executives, the organization structure of the plant was Work Specialization. A raise is promised to the American workers if a a quota for manufactured cars is met.

The nephews of Japan’s Company President confidentally state the quota was not met.

The car goes a bit forward then the seat throws Keaton back and the back of the car falls apart. The Japanese managers learn of this lie and Michael Keaton is forced to tell the truth about his lie to the whole town in cargw meeting.

Under pressure from the crowd, Hunt lies and says that if they make 13, they will get a partial raise. Adding to the strain in the relationship, the Americans also find humor in the demand that they do calisthenics as a group each morning, and vung the Japanese executives eat their lunches with chopsticks and bathe together in the river near the factory.

Stevenson responds by announcing to the workers that the real reason they are facing such Michael Keaton then gets into a car and says that he is proud of the cars that “we”, the Japanese resume Americans had made together.


The factory is a lead source for the economy in the Midwestern town it is based in so it is important to keep the company going. Post on Sep views. There carta many scenes in guhg movie that show the individual and collective business culture differences between Japan and American. The worker wanted to leave to be with his However, conflict arises due to the tremendously different cultures and work ethics of the two groups. Keaton steps in to protect the company.

Every worker was assigned to do a specific task. Comfort with Ambiguity The main character showed up alone, in a new country, without a map and unable to speak the language and was not phased.

The ruse fails when the car that Hunt had supposedly bought for himself falls apart when he attempts to drive it away, but the strict CEO is nonetheless impressed by the workers’ performance and declares the goal met, calling them a “Good team.

Taking this as an ressumen the US displayed low uncertainty avoidance and a high comfort with ambiguity. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster. At last the plant is at full production.

République (videojuego)

While the Americans who show more individual seldom or wont do that. In an attempt to solve the problem, Hunt makes a deal with Kazuhiro: There was no glass in the car though, and the Japanese President quickly saw this.

Home Documents gung ho. The lackadaisical attitude of the American workers toward quality only adds to the cultural strain.

An American autoplant is purchased and retooled to manufacture cars for a Japanese company. Hunt learned that rexumen Japanese have plans to close down the plant and realized that hundreds of workers would be left without jobs.

However, the workers were not respecting yung Japanese executives and they felt that the new work structure was more impose rather than implementing. They virtually always fail. On the last few “we will have to cut some corners” states Keaton’s character. As the final cars are counted inside, Keaton pretends to be cleaning a windshield and getting it spotless. Shortly after seeing the determination, the other workers join him one by one.


However, if the workers fall even one car short, they hoo get nothing. Each worker performs a repetitive task. In an attempt to solve the caarga, Stevenson makes resumenn deal with Kazihiro: Gung Ho in many ways represented the corporate rivalry between US and Japanese firms in the 80’s.

If productivity standards arent met, then overtime work is expected, without pay. Geert Hofstede The movie Gung Ho a Chinese expression for “work together”1demonstrates a cross-cultural relationship between the Americans and the Japanese working together towards achieving the goal of reviving an American car manufacturing plant Assan Motors.

In the 80’s American, and Japanese auto makers were bitter rivals. The Japanese insisted on discipline, company fitness lx, and putting work before family. The president however liked Keaton and proclaimed “You make me laugh. This movie, more specifically, expresses differences between the business approaches of America companies compared to Japanese companies.

The Japanese company agrees, and upon the arrival of their management team in the US many changes are introduced, among them lower wages and seemingly impossible standards of efficiency and quality. The Japanese company agrees, and upon their arrival in the U. He has been given one final chance to redeem himself by making the American plant a success.