B ILB Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors. UMB datasheet, UMB pdf, UMB data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, UMC, Tone / Pulse Dialer. /15C. C3. C1. OSCI. OSCO. TONE. VSS. R3. R2. R1. R4. DP. XMITMUTE. VDD. MODE IN. C2. HK. (ii) Hand-free control. HFO. HFI. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Because of this here we need a BCD to seven segment decoder which gives logic low output for the respective BCD input. By using the basic idea of this project we can also construct many useful systems. Yes here is the solution. When you press the digit 5 in the keypad it generates a resultant tone signal which is made up of frequencies Hz and Hz. These tones are used for communication signaling. Repeat the above step i once again.

These demultiplexer are ideally suited for implementing high-performance memory decoders. These signals are digital signals which are symmetrical with the sinusoidal wave. By this the device is switches ON. And 3V backup Vcc for this IC is supplied by using 3. High on the pin 3 of this timer IC biases the transistor T2 in the relay driver circuit which in tern switches ON the relay.

This unit consists of a tri state buffer and a D flip flop. This period is calculated by the formula. This is an important unit in this project. When the both inputs are high that indicates that device is switched ON, then the output of the AND gate goes logic high state. Click here to register now.


This is achieved by using a 5V regulated power supply from a voltage regulated IC This unit displays the received device code from the telephone line dialed from remote section. Above figure shows a single D-flip-flop. IC is a line decoder, it takes the 4 line BCD input and selects respective output one among the 16 output lines click here to download datasheet.

Until you press the key the feedback datashest is heard.

B Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

To carry out the switching of any appliances or devices we commonly use the relays. You can control devices from local telephone. Control unit is kept with a sufficient backup. The output datssheet each AND gate are connected to the beep tone generator unit by using a transistor.

This system detects the ringing signal from your exchange with the help of ring detector and automatically switches ON. It is nothing but remote telephone set which is present in the remote place. Pressing digit 8 will produce the tone taken from tones Hz and Hz.

Device status check unit: After connecting, the devices, devices are given the number according to table 2. By using this IC we can construct two types of multivibrater, monostable and astable. If device is in OFF state then no beep will be heard.


Here we provide a facility that tells about present status of the device. This circuit consists of some passive components like resisters, capacitors. Repeat the step ii. The dialed number of the device is displayed on seven segment display.

Datasheet for UM91214/15

Its filter section uses switched capacitor technology for both the high and low group filters and for dial tone rejection. Local control section contains a telephone interface circuit, ring detector circuit, signal decoder circuit, device status check circuit, device controlling circuit, device status feedback circuit.

This unit consists of telephone set which is present in the remote place. In this time interval the output of the tri state buffer will be the signal at its input terminal. Here we use the transistors to energize the relay coil.

The row and column frequency of this IC is as on the fig.

The demultiplexing function is performed by using the 4 input lines dtasheet address the output line, passing data from one of the strobe inputs with the other strobe input low. So you need not use a separate telephone line for this device controlling. In the relay driver circuit resister is used to provide the necessary base current to the transistor so that it can bias properly.