programming. HP B Audio The HP B Audio Analyzer and HP E Distortion Analyzer make your audio measurements fast and easy. .. (Does not include HP-IB programming time.) . calibration manual [) and. PDF · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA HP-IB Series Programming · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA Progamming · HP xA, xA, xA, xA, and. Jun 8, programming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. The HP- IB address switches are located within the Modulation.

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Using the Quasi-peak Detector for Distortion measurements is not recommended.

This should be kept in mind when operating the instrument with error messages disabled. Sending the Status Byte Message The Status Byte message consists of one 8-bit byte in which 3 kanual the bits are set according to the enabled conditions described above under Sending the Require Service Message.

I get a noise floor of around dB. Full resolution is available by defeating this feature using Special Function The Require Service message is cleared when a serial poll is executed by the controller or if a Clear message is received by the Audio Analyzer. For example, if the output impedance is set fora mannual impedance of causes the amplitude at the OUTPUT connector to be half of the programmed value.

Error messages are one means by which the instrument safeguards accurate measurements. Optional plug-in weighting filters modify the frequency response of the Audio Analyzer with a bandpass characteristic that approximates the response of human hearing. The proframming entered is the open-circuit value. With prigramming exception of the Rapid Source mode, each code is typically equivalent to a front-panel keystroke in local mode.

  ASTM D6641 PDF

However, any HP-IB program code sent to the Audio Analyzer before the triggered measurement results have been output will initiate a new measurement. See the Common Mode detailed operating instruction for details.

Index of /~kurt/manuals/manuals/HP Agilent

When programming source amplitude or frequency, entering ratio references, plot limits, or issuing any numeric data other than programmung HP-IBcodes to the Audio Analyzer, certain precautions should be observed. If desired, ratio reference.

prkgramming As the sweep progresses, you will see the numbers in the “Freq” and “dB” boxes change. An oscilloscope gives only a rough indication of the amount of distortion present on a signal. If the instrument is being returned to Hewlett-Packard for servicing, please fill out one of the blue tags located at the end of this manual.

B Operation and Calibration Manual | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Once the measurement is complete, bus commands will be processed, as discussed under Trigger Immediate above, with no loss of data. Drivers for the interface card 5.

Wrap the instrument in heavy paper or plastic. The Audio Analyzer also features high accuracy. In the case of amplitude, the prograkming is dependent upon the load impedance.

For example, programmng the Case 1 graph, for a differential input voltage level of lV, the maximum commonmode input voltage level is 2. In this case, your manual is provided with updating information to make it as pgogramming as possible.


Check, then re-enter correct HP-IB code. Few people have hearing that good, but the term is a convenient one to describe sub-RF frequencies encountered in electronics. It’s still a pain and I curse at the computer every time I use it, but at least it enabled me to make some programs that are useful to generate plots from the During the warranty period, Hewlett-Packard Company will at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.

This measurement is greatly simplified with a rms voltmeter which electronically measures the rms level and displays the result. In the case of frequency, there is usually maanual a very slight difference. The display should then show a TTL programmming level. Front Proframming Kit Option These two actions combine to place the Audio Analyzer in remote mode. The “Trace” box shows which trace is currently running For example, when making signal-to-noise ratio measurements, the Audio Analyzer monitors the ac level while turning the source on and off.

W h e n handling or servicing equipment containing static sensitive devices, adequate precautions must be taken to prevent device damage or destruction. The frequency of the input is also measured and displayed.