At this site you will find dyno tests for the Ford L. The Paperback of the L Ford Dyno Tests by Richard Holdener at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. We take some of Ford L Engine performance packages, add some combinations The only sure-fire way to determine output is to dyno test it—or run it at the.

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Complete results from over 2, dyno pulls Literally tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of dyno test results provided in this book. Within a few hours of his discovery, the engine etsts sitting in the back of his truck on its way to a new home.

Actual dyno test figures are provided as are specific details on test engine specifications used in each run.

5 Litre Ford Dyno Tests : Richard Holdener :

Installed the larger Lunati cam—again, no other changes. In normally aspirated trim with a Holley EFI system, 90mm Accufab throttle body, and Crane Gold rockers, the injected stroker produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 5, rpm. After tuning, the Dart-headed stroker produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 5, rpm.

The multiple-layer steel construction allows the dynoo to conform to movement between the cylinder head and block while maintaining a good seal. Edelbrock E-Force on an S Coyote! If the dog bones are installed upside-down, this could cause massive cam damage if the lifters are allowed to spin. And changing parts is sometimes part of the fun.

For this reason we’ve provided you with multiple dyno-verified 5. We also discovered some issues with the GT40P heads that required changes, so we added valves from Manley that eliminated the exhaust-valve rotators and allowed us to set the proper valvespring installed height.

The one problem with building and testing a single engine is that it only provides accurate information on one particular combination.

The engine never huffed oil out of the breathers, and the spark plugs all looked excellent. Equipped on the dyno and ttests to perfection, the 5. The Dart heads were capable of supporting a great deal more power, but the limitation was the displacement, cam timing, and intake manifold.


With the tuning finalized, the little cam made far more power than we expected, cranking out lb-ft of torque at 4, and hp at 5, rpm. The rest went very smoothly, and we reused the stock lifters and suffered no ulcers worrying about breaking in the cam. Late-model hydraulic roller 5. We have included the horsepower and torque graphs for a bone-stock 5.

The heads also required some machine work, including screw-in studs, gests, and widening the spring pockets for bigger valvesprings. We we set the timing to 34 degrees and rejetted the carburetor to get our desired By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.

Federal-Mogul Northwestern Hwy. This photo shows Mike fford on the bowl area of the heads, but this syno some experience.

The larger one was still relatively conservative with degrees of duration at 0. This photo shows the Lunati dual springs we used to ensure valve control at 6,rpm-plus engine speeds. This one added another 10 degrees of duration over the smaller Voodoo cam, along with 0.

Fird question was whether we wanted a torquey small-block or a more cammed-up rpm engine to boost peak horsepower. Steven Rupp – November 22, In less than an hour, we were ready foord test.

This book compares products from different manufacturers and isn’t afraid to choose winners and losers. Also present were a set of Hooker Super Comp headers, complete Aeromotive fuel system feeding pound injectors and an Accufab 75mm throttle body. We heated the bottle to psi and hit the button at 4, rpm. Typical of carbureted applications, the produced slightly more peak power and less torque than the EFI version, with peaks of hp and lb-ft.

5 Litre Ford Dyno Tests

For the stroker, we stepped up to a larger Crane hydraulic-roller cam. How about which mass air meter yields the biggest gain? We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit www. They offer pounds on the seat and pounds at 0. The stock GT40P springs must be upgraded when going to a longer-duration cam. The longer duration created a slight loss of torque below 3, rpm compared to both previous cams, but beyond that mild loss of power, the bigger Voodo out-powered its smaller cousin, cranking out a peak torque of lb-ft at 4, a gain of 7 lb-ft over Test 2 and charging to a peak horsepower of at 6, rpm.


We pulled this hydraulic roller-cammed 5.

Make 503HP With A $350 Junkyard 302

The same can be said of hp combos making hp and hp motors that make nowhere near hp. Displacement ci Bore 4. Fuel flow came courtesy gord a complete Aeromotive fuel system.

Even with stronger valvespring pressure, these lifters worked flawlessly. Remember, there really is no replacement, especially when it fits conveniently in the same physical package as the stock You have to know your stuff to pick the best cam, heads, and induction for max power. These cast piston short-blocks are not quite as good as the forged piston 5. Perhaps even more surprising was how well this engine idled, calmly purring with 16 inches of manifold vacuum at rpm.

Some ideas never go out of style.

This test went so well that we were eager to see what the slightly bigger cam would do. We also added a veteran Ford magnetic pickup distributor and used it to drive an MSD ignition system.

If you’re into Ford 5.