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Sets forth knun pertaining to payment of exemption sum by surplus reserves, and deals with various administrative matters. Concerns the payment of disability benefit, old-age benefit and death allowance. Employment of persons not paid out of public funds 6. It provides provisions on the methods and principles, rights and obligations for the disability procedure for civil servants in line with Act No. Also introduces the main forms of folk art activity, funding thereof, enterprises carrying out folk art production.

Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of 25 December to amend the Regulations on employment of public servants who were victims of terrorism and became invalids but are able to work, and members of their family. Foresees the installation of telephones and an obligatory mechanism of alarm.

Entry into State Service Chapter V: Article 14 of Act No. Principle and procedures; D.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

An Syl to provide for the sustainable management of Tuvalu’s seabed minerals, and the regulation of prospecting, exploration and mining activities within national jurisdiction and beyond, in accordance with Tuvalu’s responsibilities under international law. Decree of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine No. It amends the following Acts: Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning the employment of ex-convicts in the public sector.


Establishes legal, economic and organizational bases for observing, renovation, development and support of folk art. In the case of collapse, work must be halted under the surveillance of competent personnel.

Aims to eliminate risks of flood in the course of exploitation. In State forests, forestry administration shall be required to pay compensation for any personal belongings and equipment of fire fighters which are damaged while fighting the fire. Supplements the Act No. Adds several paragraphs following Article 2 paragraph concerning definitions and adds a paragraph following Article 81 concerning physicians in the enterprise of Labour Law No.

Provides principles for workers in agricultural and forest areas concerning their working conditions, labour contracts, wage and working arrangements. Amends the Act No. Regulation of Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning disciplinary procedures as applied to the management of the Institution for Social Insurance for Small Merchants and Independent Workers. Public Service Act Cap. Amends the article of the Civil Eayl Act No.

Amends section 14 relating to pension insurance for workers employed in underground works. It adds a new para E to article extra holidays kanyn parents with an handicaped childold para E becoming para F.

It amends the following provisions of Civil Servants’ Act No. Procedure of granting a leave to military servicemen sxyl of calling them kanyn to service with new para Regulations on the procedures and principles for determining the number of trade union members and the public employees’ unions competent for each branch of service and for determining the competent confederations.


Act of 12 June on service in State bodies. Establishes that, in the event of forest fires, entire male population of surrounding villages and towns between 18 and 50 years of age shall be obliged to particpate in extinguishing of the fire.

Regulation of 13 April concerning labour in mines under the seas, lakes and rivers. Housing Code of Turkmenistan of 2 March Amends, syal alia, the Act No. Decision of the Council of Ministers No. Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans”; also supplements the law with new article Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans ; rephrases para 4 of article 25 Mandatory leave without salary, granted to worker.

Determines units and departments of ministries and public institutions with saul classification which hold information or documents which, if disclosed to unauthorised persons, could damage or threaten security of the State.

Provides that the minimum wage shall not be the object of bargaining and specifies method of calculating minimum wage.

Amends the article paragraph A and paragraph 3 related to the maternity leave of civil servants. Candidacy, Relocation and Assignment to Teacher position Part 4: