Thirty-Six Dramatic. Situations. GEORGES POLTI number 36, he kept silence. Put forth that double plot of Corneille and Racine, a heroine disputed by two. Polti’s. 36 Dramatic Situations! HEY! Whose list is this, anyway? Georges Polti was a 19 th century French writer who speculated that there were 36 dramatic. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. as named by Georges Polti There may be more than one situation in the plot of a story if it’s long enough. The list was Loss of Loved Ones. A Kinsman Slain; a Kinsman Spectator; an Executioner.

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I’d love to see somebody show which situations seem to be popular when — the distribution of situations over time and cultures.

The thirty-six dramatic situations

The Unfortunate is threatened in georgees way by the Threatener and is saved by the Rescuer. The Lover performs acts of love with the Beloved, only to find via the Revealer that the Beloved is a close relative.

Gforges relates to that which we desire but is not yet within our reach. Any breach by a relative triggers a moral dilemma among relatives and loved ones. In our need to control and understand our environment and closure, we often hurriedly attribute facts to attach guilt to someone. These stories explore our sense of society; individuality versus plurality or the parallels of life where we must go without to receive future benefits.


These are tear-jerking stories which help us explore our social structures. These are stories of reflection and guilt.

And the first thing Polti tells me about the rules of dramatic situations is, “There is, I hasten to say, nothing mystic or cabalistic about this particular number, it might perhaps be possible to choose one a trifle higher or lower, but this one I consider the most accurate. These stories emerge from our desire to live free from the oppressive forces of social mores.

How the characters respond to the situation creates the plot, so multiple plots can come from one situation. Honor and moral duty are highly esteemed tenets of social order.

The 36 Dramatic Situations – Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips: Now You’re a Screenwriter

Refresh and try again. The language is academic and unnecessarily florid, but the research is sound for the date publishedWhen producing dramatic work, it is important to understand the wealth of dramatic situations and their variations in order to produce the best work possible.

He also analyzed a handful of non-French authors. I thought there’d be more about those situations.

The Thirty Six Dramatic Situations by Georges Polti

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If not dead, then shaken and wiser from the experience.

They are discovered by the Plofs.

The Hero gives up something in order to help a relative or friend. Jun 17, Caroline Martin rated it liked it.

These stories address our powerlessness against certain forces, the frailty and temporary nature of plotx and our mortality. These pose moral dilemmas where we are given two bad choices.


Poltti Post Screenwriting Terms: They are part of our coping mechanisms and metaphors for life as we explore the tenacity and indestructibility of the human spirit. The murder can be metaphorical as couples have emerged from such situations. Envy relates to a simple desire to obtain something that belongs to someone else, while jealousy has a third party attached and more is at stake. We either know we are in love with the wrong person, or in denial of their evil.

He also said that these aligned with 36 basic emotions, although he did not list these and has been criticized for this. And gekrges will continue along the same path. You are commenting using your WordPress. We have sacrificed lambs to please the gods and blamed natural disasters on pllti if we have done wrong.

Man has long believed in higher powers to explain his existence. These films include mafia, mobster films. These stories help us explore justice and the flaws of humans who act based on incorrect information.

The Thirty Six Dramatic Situations

Still, brief is good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ambition can relate to good fortune, a person or an object.