Study Flashcards On 2AX7X CDC Vol 1 & 2 Edit Code 5 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . [ report this test ]. 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of In no particular unit/volume order, a random test of all URE and Self Test questions from the 2AX7X CDC’s 2 of Free flashcards to help memorize facts about 7 LvL CDCs taken from CDC Vol 1 and 2. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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When the goal 2a7xx to get a refund or a new item in exchange, what type of deficiency report is submitted? An individual must receive what specific block of supply training before assuming duties as a due-in from maintenance DIFM monitor?

Why should on-scene commanders use extremem caution when waiving compliance with TO guidance during an emergency situation? As it pertains to SAs, if two organizations both supply and receive support to and from each other what should be done?

Which of the following is not normally a function of the Accessories Flight Fuel Systems section? Allow maintenance leaders to calculate future maintenance metrics goals. D18, Prioity Monitor Report Which supply tracking document provides a management product for monitoring issue and bench stock supply support?

7 Level CDC Quiz 2AX7X – ProProfs Quiz

Maintenance cross-tells are used for what purpose? The main person responsible for monitoring, tracking, and documenting safety and health information about assigned workers cdx the? Which of the following is used to highlight trends, benchmarks, or safety conditions relating to maintenance equipment, personnel, training, or process? Which Avionics flight section is responsible for performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers?


Which Avionics flight section is responsible for performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers? All personnel military, civilian, and contractors ccd in, on, around or taveling through taxiways, runways, FLT lines, and maintenance areas. Using equipment generates what type of maintenance? Which of the following is used as the cover folder for an individual’s training records?

Who is responsible for developing the MESL for ccc particular airframe? Which maintenance operations squadron flight is a centrally located agency responsible for monitoring and developing long-range strategies to sustain fleet health?

What are the two options you have available when you receive a defective part from supply? Which of the following is not a technical order TO change priority category? Aircraft generation actions You are primarily concerned with answering the question: 2ax7s addition to wiring problems, what major problem areas has the JCAA identified as needing attention?

2AX7X Practice Test Volume 1 Of 2 (URE’s Only) – ProProfs Quiz

What is the special purpose recoverable authorized maintenance SPRAM flag code for stand-alone spares? Collecting and turning in expendable, excess, and surplus precious metal bearing assets. The block training method is normally used to teach which maintenance training flight MTF training course?

Sign In with your ProProfs account. What aircraft generation key player provides wing leadership with up to date generation flow progress? Unshielded When calibrating navigational equipment, an external power unit is attached while towing an aircraft during what type of operation? Funded What does a unit manpower document UMD do? Where is a list of formal AF-wide training courses for a specific career field normally found?

The MXG superintendent is responsible for coordinating with unit cdd in rotating personnel between duty positions in order to. To ensure the job is performed safelywhat is one of the first things that should be done 2x7x an aircraft is jacked? Provide for long term aircraft storage, aircraft maintenance and asset regeneration for war fighter sustainment.


Other than teaching, what is the mission of the maintenance training flight? What supply delivery priority is appropriate for bench stock requirements? How 2xx7x do you know CraftedRL Alex.

2ax7x Practice Test Volume 2 Of 2

What training phase has these four sub-phases: Which section is responsible for providing 2xa7x control and support for all Munitions flight activites by planning, scheduling, coordinating, controlling, and directing their activities? Acting as the first-line manager and supervisor of maintenance production. Weekly maintenance scheduling meetings forecast and monitor maintenance requirements for the current month as well as how many months in the future?

What block of supply training covers general supply indoctrination subjects? II What continuation training consists of academic and practical hands-on courses that completment initial skills training received through AETC mission ready airman Ccc and training detachment TD courses? Which munitions flight section receives, stores, warehouses, handles, inspects, ships, inventories, and transports containers, dispensers, and training items?

Which section is responsible for performing in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair for the TMDE flight? What maintenance priority designator is assigned to non-primary mission aircraft undergoing extensive repair? A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. An MSET team is required to have only permanent member, where does the remainder of the team come from?

As long as an entry has been made in the necessary maintenance information system verifying cvc the 2qx7x items have been accounted for.