Sharing few shots of this Tek vintage scope calibration tool that just received recently. Did a brief external inspection, it looks fine and well. Tektronix The Time Mark Generator is a compact, wide-range unit. It is crystal-controlled and provides 16 marker intervals, 4 sinewave frequencies. Tektronix , MHz color digitizing ‘scope main frame SPECIAL, Tektronix Tektronix , TIME MARK generator, , SOLD, sold. Tektronix.

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Tektronix my other new acquisition. A thermostat and a heater.

Tektronix 76 3 3. We are closed most Fridays. Intelliframe VXI mainframe minor dents. We now accept visa, mastercard and american express credit cards. Yours is marked with two voltages: For a swept frequency oscillator, you’d want frequency markers, while Saul’s is a time marker.

Tektronix 2901 Time Mark Generators

Mar Wed tektronixx, 2: It seems to work reasonably after my “fix”. I agree, the numbers are the first thing to go. Steve, my bad, I meant oscilloscope. Anybory had already serious problem with mail?


Mar Mon 07, Guys how are the mail services in your countries? I’ve never seen one fail, but of course that’s possible. Users browsing this forum: In there is written 75 degree is that maximum temperature. Tektronix AM plus A Tektronix opts 05, The thermostat can weld closed and burn out the heater. Would someone with a bit of patience mind trying to explain to someone who knows very little about this stuff me!

Probably wrong crystal type in my rebuild, but somewhat off crystal better than no crystal, and its not used much. Mar Tue 08, 6: I suspect things over heated, and got toasted after the thermostat got stuck on. Page 1 of 2.

David Wow good job dholland! All items are used unless otherwise stated. Tektronix TM opt But when it happens, in high frequencies?

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I’m assuming it goes with an oscillator, but why? The one trouble spot in these is the oven for the crystal oscillator.


Britto on Mar Wed 09, 8: DPO advanced waveform capture, display, measurement. You might consider putting some clear fingernail polish over tektornix numbers. Britto on Mar Tue 08, 6: I have another ideia for this if,it works I will tell you all. It could be configured for either v or v AC, probably using jumpers in the instrument’s power supply.

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Logic Analyzer color portable mainframe – image .