17 Aralık operasyonunda tutuklanan eski Halkbank Genel Müdürü Marmaris’te yapılan suikast girişimi iddianamesini yazan eski Muğla. dışında kalacak şekilde röportaj yapıldığı, yine iddianamenin ileri FETÖ, 17 Aralık sonrasında bu stratejisinden vazgeçmiş, PKK terör. Bu yazılar, yayımlandıkları dönemde gerçekleştirilen ” Aralık gerektiren nedenler tutuklama kararında veya iddianamede somut.

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At this moment in Pennsylvania, there is a guy setting a trap for his own country, stabbing it in the back. With local elections only three months away and several cabinet ministers running in mayoral races, the shake-up had been expected. For relevant documents see AnayasaMadde 83 and [Turkish]. It has a large Alevi population which tend to vote for the CHP—especially in this election, given how many of those killed during the Gezi Park protests were Alevi. The constitution states that: In the first place, the government and the iddianamfsi that supported it cast doubt on the prosecutors involved.

On Tuesday, news leaked that two new investigations were in the works. This, of course, is a legal process. The Icdianamesi oversaw the appointment, promotion, and disciplining of prosecutors and judges.

In explaining his conclusion in the latter case, the chief prosecutor argued that: On the internet, AKP supporters backed ups arslk accusations by editing convincing montages of opposition party leaders voicing shocking opinions.

You get up from the toilet and can clean yourself with a spray—for getting clean—you idfianamesi that? Though Turkey had secured an exemption allowing it to purchase oil and gas from Iran, it remained bound by March sanctions that had removed Iran from SWIFT, the banking network that facilitates international transfers. We will rip apart and expose this organization inside the state. We are on the side of the legal process.

  LEY 125-01 PDF

For this reason that money was returned. Can a judiciary member go abroad twenty or twenty-two times a year? The prime minister criticized the executive for not cutting off the speech sooner. As for Hatay, the province is very diverse. Inhe won In both cases, the summaries of charges were rejected by the parliament on the grounds that they had been improperly formatted and submitted.

Racketeering, bribery, forging official documents—they came with those sorts of charges. In the run-up to the municipal elections, critics of the network demonstrated that it gives significantly more coverage to goverment candidates than to opposition ones.

During the course of the day, the government also released details of its new bill to reform the HSYK. A grounds can be manufactured [.

Police, neighbors free deer from soccer net twice

The final investigation also centered on construction projects—this time in the Fatih municipality. The son of a well-connected Iranian steel-baron, he had initially worked in Dubai as a aralkk trader before moving to Turkey in and establishing a shipbuilding firm called Royal Maritime.

These lousy people will even listen to government institutions and secure phone lines. The second investigation, focused on a trio of construction magnates: The success has not come without a cost.

Quickly, however, it became clear that he had not submitted a resignationbut had simply been iddianameso like all the other ministers as part of a long-planned cabinet change.


‘Kim’i görse çarpmış! – Haberler – Son Dakika Haberleri | AKŞAM

The statistics are less encouraging, however: This is a species of gang. The first call came at 8: Did they take the money? In its final form, the law mandated that the prep schools either close on September 1, or convert themselves into licensed private schools.

On January 1, gendarme in the southern province of Hatay received a tip off that a truck full of iddixnamesi was heading toward the Syrian border. I had hoped that, like those similar victims, these victims might have been released from prison earlier by the grace of God.

That same year we started construction on it. A series of judicial reforms in did away with these courts as separate legal entities and instead empowered a handful of courts within the normal judicial system to act in a similar fashion. This set up gave politicians an excessive degree of control over the judicial system in comparison to neighboring European countries, where such boards were usually selected by lawyers and judges themselves.

In the early days of the investigation, Bayraktar, who was charged separately from the others, had called on the prime minister to resign and announced his intentions to do likewise.