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There is no way to turn on phantom power for some inputs and not others, but that feature rarely makes it in a board of this type. Today I’m using it as a vlzz for my local machines and keyboards in my room for now, soon repeating and live. The machine is robust and reliable. Some tiny tweaks on the EQs and pans and the mix was solid, locked, and making a powerful statement. I quickly ruled out digital mixers.

So I guess that may actually tell you that yes, it can still be 1420 in a set of horrible electrical fields. This analog mixer is ideal for an application for registration or for the live. Has many ways, routing options, starting aids, inserts and connectors. More than clear, textbook, with little funny remarks that can understand. Not too out of breath people in my compartment DA The EQ is also correct trs, even if their frquence is fixed, they are places.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Nickel connectors, makes it versatile. Sure the preamps are very, very, good and they do exactly what you expect, with a little extra–not a lot of ppro. As is generally connate routing an internal mixer sat on exactly how the You also need to connect the stuff you want to record to the inputs.


The tape tracks were so hissy I had to dramatically tweak the eq going in–process each track heavily in the digital domain in Logic then come back out to the Mackie to submix and master.

There’s a near field unshielded monitor less than 1 foot away. Your odds of having this happen are reduced with a quality mixer, and when it does happen, your chances of getting support and repair are better.

Possibility of multi-track recording. Sort by most recent most useful. Want to discuss this article?

Mackie VLZ Pro Audio Mixer VLZPRO | eBay

I just wasn’t totally blown away as the ads led me to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed either. There’s ample power for any of these mics, and a convenient switch to turn Phantom power on and off on the 14022 panel. I have the Mackie sitting in the most hostile environment possible. Its like the Mackie has a personality, like it can intelligently mix sounds. Equalizer which is doing its job.

All user reviews of 4/5 for the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

I was firewall for a moment, without dception, want to change, problem of sav, or whatever, volutivit. Join the discussion in the Studio-Central Topic dedicated to the Mackie The action of legalization for every treble, medium, severe allows a lot of correction.

This analog mixer is ideal for an application for registration or for the live. The Mackie pramps n’quivalent not pramplis Neve, but it is certainly possible to do things that sound. In my opinion jai not finished discovering the good.

Behringer sells mixers that have similar features to the Mackies for substantially less cash. Yet, here’s my observations where the didn’t exceed my expectations. 14022


User reviews: Mackie VLZ Pro – Audiofanzine

Has many ways, routing options, starting aids, inserts and connectors. Its dry but with prro of PCHE! I don’t have an older Mackie to evaluate that. Apparently everyone did not find the excellent instruction in French for this good food: I also route the 8 outputs of the Delta back to the and then send the main bus back to my larger mixer.

But well seen my level was good enough for me personally!

I do not remember too much of the manual, but there is nothing wrong about the explanation of Mackie via their website, pgo Service or manuals.

When you get one you will find your digital audio freed in many ways of typical soundcard restraints.

I find the Russian designer, simple and sweet, it’s enjoyable to work, she has class this console. Write a user review. Very practical to see the level of input e of a channel during a live performance. But when you get a multi-output card, you need to connect the outputs to something.

All user reviews for the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

Our members also liked: Personal I do not take any head set in between the computer signal sent and received, I patch the Mackie But also functions Premire of mixer, ie shuffled signals! It was when i heard the new submix pouring out the audio interface and 102 out of the Mackie that my buyer’s remorse was gone. Nickel connectors, makes it versatile. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

EQ pots by the super efficient.